Pulseline Trader Buyer Beware

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by boid-dog, Mar 9, 2009.

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    As of this time the PLT room is not functioning and their is no instruction (a few confused stragglers, but no charts). Finn, the owner is apparently ill. He does not reply to emails in a timely manner. His product has been worthwhile, however, he had been frequently updating the software and that seems to have ended. Posts are infrequent and lack clarification. I would think twice before engaging in any purchases. I don't claim that he is a scam artist, but he has neglected his customers.

    see: www.fibomaster.com
    finn bjurvoll
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    Sorry, but Pulsinelinetrader, the original begun for futures traders, is no longer supported, at least that I can see. Now a Forex trading site, the operator has professed the benefit of trading Forex over Futures. My sympathy has waned for Finn. I would be happy if I could be proved wrong.
    On the other hand I guess everything *is* the same in trading la-la land.