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  1. Working on a story for a book, what do you think:

    - You threatened to take down a company not for material gain but because this company could be used to teach college kids about managing and business and also to provide higher wages to those stuck working at the original company. Your continuing your education only to get a good job to subsidize this company you wanted to run on the side. Basically this side company would provide scholarships to high school and college kids, even if it meant paying out your own pocket. I know what your thinking, too good to be true. Trust me, the good guy doesn't value paper money as much as others do. You live only once, do something good in the world.

    Now the problem. The people at the other company not only fear for their jobs (which is normal) but have engaged in questionable activities. Such as:

    - Signing people out at the wrong times to improve their performance scores, and then angrily refusing to reveal the times at which the workers have been signed out at. Also signing a certain someone in at 4:30PM yet on a camera from the car it shows a worker in the window at 4:09PM (the camera's time was calibrated to a news station, lets say for arguments sake, 1010 on the radio).

    - The performance number means a lot to some people. When they need a high number, they only take the best workers. Ya think they sign people out at the wrong times to enhance that performance number? (the performance number is basically a productivity number, the more work in fewer hours yields higher productivity. So sign people out at certain times, yet when they aren't looking, just alter that time to enhance the performance number).

    - Hiring family members (no problem) but promoting them in a relatively short period of time and boosting their pay yet failing to perform certain duties. Also when questioned not once but twice at the office about it, there was no denial of the action, only a "they don't work here anymore" response.

    - "Do I have to count this or can I make up any number?" asked one worker.
    Relpied the manager, " I don't care what you do as long as it gets done, but I'll deny everything." What is everything? Could it relate to what was said on the phone relating to a certain labor board?? Could anyone think why one would "deny" something?? I am stuck on this idea and am seeking more material to develop the theme here.

    - You told a certain someone that you had "dirt" on these guys and you know that the certain someone had made contact with the managers yet you see that only spelling mistakes and maybe they told that the wrong times on the worksheet was an accident. I wonder why they didn't tell that certain someone the TRUTH (read above). Why did they leave out the details??

    - You, the good guy, arranges to continue your education and when you visit the school you run into an old friend who seems to have changed. He drops hints that you suspect the managers have talked to this guy, maybe offering him something in return to persuade the good guy not to go back to school??
    Also, you find out that the people at work who are loyal to the managers now have different cellphones for some reason and that you know a certain someone who use to be your roommate just so happened to get promoted at that cellphone company. Coincidence??

    - She looked amorusly at the good guy, big smile on her face, with a funny sort of twist as she gazed. But the manager comes over and scolds her for doing that. HAHA! From then on she is not scheduled to work when the good guy is working but when she is, the good guy can tell she had been instructed to act in a certain way (its kind of obvious when people say things they don't normally say). You think the manager has an agenda against the good guy??


    - Information travels really fast, there are no secrets. What would happen if I don't know, the main guy lets, call him Jim, found out about what really goes on? Let me rephrase : What WILL happen WHEN Jim FINDS OUT? Don't worry I won't reveal on this board we're your located. That reminds me, I have to be in New York at 2:15PM.

    The options these managers face or something the good guy is offering:

    1. The good guy starts the rival company. He is going to need some information, how he gets it is a mystery. For those questioning why he would hire the scoundrels, here's why: they do have experience. He hires the managers with very restrictive conditions but they will be paid more than where they are right now BUT they are going to have to CONFESS to that certain someone that it was more than SPELLING MISTAKES and signing out people WAS NO ACCIDENT. Oh and don't lie and just say they are just agreeing with the good guy to appease him. TELL THE TRUTH. Oh and the managers can't bribe the good guy with a girl to keep quiet or to do what you say. An honest man cannot be bribed.

    2. The can of worms is opened and the fun begins. The good guy wonders what he would find out if he requests a list of former employees from headquarters and asked if they had any problems with these guys. A website could pop up. So many possibilities.

    I will post a follow up or some sort of possible details to the story, would probably make a best seller. Oh and if I die or disappear, the people in Boston have everything and know the story. They can finish the story.
  2. Alright I left out the fact that the self proclaimed good guy targeted the company he threatened from the get go. The objective was to take it down but a lot of things changed along the way.
    I'll alter this for a happy ending, hopefully for the self proclaimed good guy too.

    Jesus Christ I am so &(^(#*^( confused out of mind right now.
    I spend so much time looking for hidden messages that may not be there and when they seem to be present, they run contrary to what I'm thinking.