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    I am using TerraNova-MB Trading and Realtick as my trading platform. I did not make this decision without extensive research. I am happy with them, you can always reach a live person, they pick up in 2 or 3 rings. You have to understand, this is not 1999, we are up against the survivors of the burst bubble, those who are committed to this profession. There is not a lot of easy money in this market. As one chatroom host puts it, don't bring a knife to a gunfight, you will lose. They did piss me off this week when I looked for guidance on hotkey settings, their response was that they could not give advice due to liability concerns. Thankfully I found an archived seminar on the UT site where one of the members talked about this subject. I also found another website that describes the settings, it is www.traderwarrior.com. There is a lot of great info there, I suggest you pay them a visit.

    There is another chatroom that I have an interest in, that being www.trendfund.com, and they are offering a free two week trial, after several months of not doing so. The host "Waxie" turned 30 grand into several million. Needless to say his offer hit my mailbox and I immediately signed up for the next two weeks. I am curious to see if all the hype is justified! Check it out, maybe I will see you there, I always use the same handle, if you see arky chances are it is me.

    Good luck and good trading!

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    Thanx to everyone that offered help and advice.:)
    I face Monday looking to try again.

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    let me offer you one of the mantras we use for morning self-tuning. This one is devoted to exactly "pulling the trigger"problem. Please keep in mind that they (mantras) are based on assumption that you've got your tested and proven system and your problem is pure emotional barrier.

    Fear of trading, hesitating to pull a trigger.

    Trading is a game of probabilities. I don't have to be right every time. I just have to follow rules. I know my system works. Every trade is just a profit or stop. Any given trade is not of significance. Results over a certain time period is what matters. Trading within my proven system puts odds on my side. I just have to play to allow chances to realize. I know I can trade by rules. All I do is I react on signals, a signal to enter and a signal to exit that are generated by my system. They take me in and out with no hesitation. I can observe the market being emotionally detached from it. Any stock movement is just numbers that change by certain patterns, and I know how to read those patterns. I am totally focused on what the market is telling me. I can hear it and react on it.

    Best regards,

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    Maybe spend some time on your chart setup guys to confirm what the rooms calling...heres one way using simple moving averages that can help out, i'm sure theres heaps of others.
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  6. As you probably know, I'm a novice trader who was beaten down during the spring 2000 down turn in the markets. My $30,000 account quickly dropped to $7, 500 in three months after not having the discipline to cut losses early. In addition, I was trading through an online broker and with the assistance of a free website that made calls that were decent, but I didn't know how to handle them. After extreme frustration, I stopped trading and hated the markets. Nonetheless, the passion I had for the markets pulled me back in. I have raised more capital and have read every book I could get my hands on about daytrading. I'm in the looking mode right now and gathering as much info as possible before I resume this challenging endeavor. One thing is for sure, discipline is of the utmost importance in my new approach. I'm here to observe, learn and execute. Thanks for your insight....

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