Pulling an all-nigther for this EUR/USD trade

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by T-Bone Trader, May 28, 2009.

  1. I have a very good feeling that this is going to be a monster of a rally heading into Friday!

    If you look at the $SPX charts and USO charts, they look they are absolutely ready to fly thru the roof on ** okay ** economic data.

    I don't think that people want safety in the US dollar right now - risk-taking seems to be the current theme!

    I have my profit taking limit @ 1.4100

    See you guys there!!!
  2. nsideus


    If you have such a good "feeling" about this trade, why would you need to pull an all-nighter? Just go to sleep and wake up tomorrow to monster profits :D .
  3. I could never keep away from the computer with such a large position....

    I would never be able to sleep - thinking about the chart movements.......

    I wish I was that much of a confident and competent trader! Soon!! though.....
  4. I would prob do the same! But if you are disciplined and have a stop set in go to bed and let her ride!

  5. Hopefully I will get to that level where I can be that type of great trader!

    But for now -- tons of Red Bulls!!!!!
  6. Damn, I saw this thread and tried to log into Oanda. Wouldn't ya know it I'm having connection problems. Arg.
  7. Really hoping to double my account balance with this trade!!!!!

    So far, so goooood!!!!!!
  8. I'm doing this trade too :)

    I'm also selling the USDJPY...we'll see what happens with that
  9. I'm at +12 so far, entered at 3971. I'll sell 1/2 at 4000 and let the rest ride with a breakeven stop.
  10. Nice!

    This looks like an easy winner right now. All the MAs are bullish and the 60minute chart looks like an ex-con who just finished a 25-year sentence and has just seen a young college girl bending over and asking him to screw her!!!

    Looking real good right now - got this trade on autopilot
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