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  1. ok longs, how many jumped in and embraced this dip on the uptrend?
    What did you buy?

    Personally, I wouldn't touch it. But, longs are die hard adamant about not violating trend.
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  2. funny how none of the longs who were screaming "buy on the dips, so easy,"
    aren't adding to the thread. Perfect chance to say you pulled the trigger before the fact.
  3. ... and the pullback was gold to the long side.
  4. Buy the follwing

    rimm, aapl, goog, ma, bac, xom, gs, tie, chap, amr, ect
  5. zmh, cof, T, low, csco
  6. Mvic


    You can add sigm to the list, rimm has lost its momo.
  7. hels02


    Hrm... this topic never even appeared on my screen til today, and I look.

    Hell yes I bought long, and if it goes up a lot, I sell and buy more of other stocks with better upside potential long. Grant you this is more momentum playing at times, but how can you not buy if you KNOW it's going to keep going up:p? I've been buying for 3 months, very happily I might add. All the bearish sentiment just makes me buy more.