Pull Downs are the way to trade...... if you've got the big ones

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  1. Is anyone else trading using pull downs on a trend?

    Its working so well for me i need to talk it out!

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    how ?

  3. What are pull downs, never heard of 'em, are you talking about retracements?
  4. So you are the one who thinks those good ones that have got the big ones don't know how to trade them!? Very funny! :D
  5. OK, firstly lets make it clear that I am no Warren Buffett, but having traded for some time I have found pull downs to work best for me.

    They only seem work in 14 day SMA trends and I only trade eur/usd and gbp/usd. They are my chosen markets and i dont deviate from them.

    Pulldowns are equally pull ups depending on the market trend obviously.

    Personally i use 5 minute time frames and exit on 2 pip gains.

    I only aim to make 6 pips per day and ALWAYS acheive this because I ONLY trade perfect opportunities.

    Entries are simple and precise and thats why i think it works.

    Like I say, this is not very complicated and i am exploring other options, but NO other format has generated the consistant gains of the pull down/up for me.

    Thought for the day - "Not only is another world possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing"
  6. I am speechless, you clever bugger.
    Sounds like you have discovered" the wheel".

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    You very well may have discovered the keys to the universe here buddy. I have never heard or seen such a thing, this pulldown thing you speak of. Genius! However, you might want to explore other names, such as....maybe..."PULLBACK!" Hmm. Playing waves, pullbacks, expansions, now I wonder if anyone has ever thought of this. Hold on let me google it........ ONLY 1,929,292 Pages. Darn, you must have had some takers steal your idea. In anycase......

    Ok bubba, lets be straight, yes, theres tons and tons of books about this one buddy. Been used and abused and failed and profitable since the begining of the markets. You seem to be very new, a month into it at best, and if not, your slow. Second, before you post, I suggest you do some research in order to not look like a total "dee dee dee". And third, I wouldnt expect this thread to go any further in the positive for you. So if you want to have a serious intellectual conversation about this topic, I suggest you use proper industry jargon, do some more research, and repost this topic in the form of a more educated question. It maybe even easier for you just to go back and lookup old forums.

    Good luck,

    - secXces

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    LOL !

  9. Thanks f9,

    The stats speak for themselves. 64 days trading, 372 points gained and NO losses (i'm serious).

    I may be being a little naive, but heres how i see it:

    3 months at £10 per point x 6 per day x 5 days x 12 weeks = £3600

    Next quarter trading at £20 per point = £7200

    If i was to continue compounding in that way the yearly gains are stunning:

    Yr1 = £28k
    Yr2 1st Qtr = £50k
    2nd Qtr = £90k
    Yr2 end = £290k
    Yr3 = work it out, its huge

    Perhaps i am being naive, but if the pulls work consistantly now why shouldn't they continue to? I have traded with real money for 24 of the 64 days with no problems and i am out of my chair by midday everyday.

    I'm pretty excited about this, but i'm also very interested to hear from anyone who has had similar experiences.

    Am I headed for a crash? I cant see it but i'm open to advice.

    I'll keep this thread updated weekly with my results.


  10. Well Secxes,

    I dont live that world of looking like a dee dee whatever that means.

    Yeah I'm new and yeah probably a bit naive but guess what? I'm making afew quid. It not about the jargon (i'll learn that) its about making money and I am doing that consistantly.

    We'll see what happens, but my skin is pretty thick. I'm here to chat about my experiences and hopefully learn a bit.

    Thanks for the advice. I will look into this further, but as far as staying quiet for fear of looking like a plum i wont be.

    Go ahead folks ........ i can take it

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