Pull Back Triggers

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stocon, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. stocon


    I'm sitting at the 20 ema diner and the bacon backs up my way.
    Do I go to another Diner? Do I buy the Bacon? Do I wait for the Bacon to make a new high? I know bacon's bad for you. Eggs over easy then you get scrambled. Plenty of ammo. Sometimes the Boar run through ya.

    When you play a retracement what is your buy signal and stop?
    What triggers do you like to see?
  2. funky


    i frequent the 34ema diner, over on SPY street. I like to buy the bacon just as it backs up into the 34ema. i watch lvl2 to see the 34ema hold as support/resistence for my entry.