Pulitizer Prize Winner Claims American Army Most Violent and Murderous

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  1. Hear,Hear...
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  2. You'd have to put up some mean SOB's to match the Army Boys I fought with on the road to Inchon. Cold as hell, and rows of murdering Chinese bastards that seemed to have a beginning , but no end. It was a real turkey shoot for those fellas, ahh the sweet memories.

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  5. i wrote earlier that liberals live in the past. i am not angry at people or events that are long gone. no liberal can convince me that i should.

    i think of sharks. how the hollywood, media hate machine made them public enemy #1. starting with the movie jaws. remember at the time beach goers would not go into the water out of fear of shark attacks. then there was an extended wave of shark hunting and killings. hollywood and the media have turned the same hate machine against me. im pro american and want the military to launch an all out assualt on terrorists. this makes me public enemy #1. the irony of it all is that they use this same machine to make celebrities, icons and give rock star status to reporters and news anchors. news anchors have less credibility than hersch. its just some jerk on tv. reading.

    every year the media says there is going to be a flu pandemic with world wide mass casualties. remember the y2k bug. the media was screaming that all information on every computer would vanish on the year 2000 and civilization would collapse. they are a wing of the democratic party.

    the media is negative. it seeks darkness, and locks onto it like a heat seeking missle. it only sees the bad. then exaggerates , expands, and builds on it. it is a reflection of the people who are in it. p.i.p.o.

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