Pulitizer Prize Winner Claims American Army Most Violent and Murderous

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  1. Those who have "volunteered to fight in the American Army" also have the right not be libeled and slandered by such a poor excuse for a human being like as SEYMOUR Hersh, you fucking jack ass.
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  2. I have already served sir

    Let me say one final thing as relates to kicking ass.

    When you are on the ground at risk and conditions are hot. IF you are well trained, you act with control to make sure that YOUR ASS is not the one getting kicked. In many instances you are expected to restrict your actions to carrying out your orders. IF however people want to kill you and are shooting at you or setting off explosive charges near your position, you have one order that supercedes all others. Kill them before they kill you.

    I think it is pretty godamn easy to talk about it here. Not so easy when people are trying to kill you. When I say certain people are pussies, I mean that they may not understand the need for military personel to protect themselves and to return fire. Frankly in this theatre of operations, if civilians get killed, that is just too damn bad.

    Is that clear?

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  3. Libel my ass. You are as UN-AMERICAN as the r*gheads you're supposed to be "liberatin' ". You F'n maggot Klan F*gs don't have a clue what american soldiers are doing to average Iraqi civilians. I'm sure in your maggot book raping 13 year old girls and buring their bodies ties in nicely with the supposed "liberatin' " they're doing down there. :D

    Go read up on your constitution, you piece of useless filthy shit.
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  4. I agree.
    Assuming you are referring to innocent civilians, then I don't quite agree. But I will reiterate what you said about it being easy to talk about here.
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  5. Hey Maggot,

    You [and dimwitted Seymour] use ONE instance where a few [criminal] soldiers [who are currently being punished for their crime] raped a girl to impune the entire American army . . . "In my book" that makes you the "F'n maggot Klan F*g" . . . have a nice day
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  6. ah, the dumb wit concurs. The maggot might be a useless filthy returd, but at least it's not as insane as we thought it was.

    <a href="http://imageshack.us"><img src="http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/3994/oldgoatgj8.jpg" border="0" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us" /></a>

    You're a useless old filthy goat. UN-AMERICAN scum F*g B*tch. Yet another R*GHEAD in disguise. :D
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  7. Excellent observations.

    I have been impressed by the control and discipline of our troops. You watch your best buddies get blown up by an IED that evryone in the neighborhood knew was there but said nothing about, it's not so easy to walk away. Somehow, they do it however. I happen to think that our tactics should be far more aggressive, but you have to respect the trigger pullers for their discipline and obedience to rules of engagement.

    The tactic of terrorists or insurgents using the civilian population as human shields is one we have to learn to deal with. It is a war crime to use civilians as human shields or engage in operations that needlessly threaten them, but the media only seems to focus on criticising the US or Israelis. They give a free pass to the terrorists who put civilians at risk.
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  8. liberal guilt and shame. your filled with guilt from every negative event in american history. your ashamed to be american. when muslims crash airplanes into our buildings you say "we deserve it. weve been so bad for so long. the muslims are just reacting to our evil." i say its an assualt and we have to kick the living ass off of these people with unrestained violence. how hard does someone have to kick you in the ass before you react?
    maybe pro american or conservative men will wage war because thier testosterone levels are higher. i can only speculate.
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  9. What is "unrestained violence"?

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  10. unrestrained violence.
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