Pulitizer Prize Winner Claims American Army Most Violent and Murderous

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  1. Our short communication time aside, I think you are pretty sane, especially compared to some of the stuff I've seen written here. You say "...most shameful days of our country" and I agree on multiple levels. Drafting kids to fight a questionable war, at best, was horrible. Events at MyLai and other places were obviously shameful. Trashing our soldiers by radical punks back then was shameful, of course, without a doubt. National guard troops killing college student at Kent State was horrible.

    I can't believe that you are following the "Kerry calls our troops stupid bandwagon", I don't really think anyone does. Kerry was stupid to even attempt to connect those vague dots to Bush, much less to those proud Americans"stuck in Iraq".

    What ever happened to "those who don't study history, are destined to repeat it"? I think that was probably what Kerry did such a horrible job trying to communicate.

    Now this guy trashing our Army as being "most violent" and "murderous" is horrible, even if, by some accounts, there may be some merit to it. Hang on, don't get riled. Isn't that what armies are supposed to do? Aren't armies trained to kill? When all is said an done, I would prefer a tough army vs. a pansy army.

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  2. Because in this case what the numbnuts Seymour Hersh is saying isn't true. Truth is one thing, some dickheads opinion is something else entirely.
    Truth is, the Bush administration has really screwed the pooch in Iraq. That's truth! Implying our troops are muderers is the opinion of another peacenik cunt that would rather lick the boots of radical Islam, or any other enemy, rather than fight for the freedom he so freely abuses.
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  3. The current army might be the most violent in terms of the firepower it can deploy, but to call them "murderous" is a libel. In fact, this is the most over-lawyered war in history. Snipers actually have to get their bullets approved by Jag lawyers, because some female Jag officer argued that a particular type of bullet was illegal. Can you imagine how Gen. Geroge Patton would have dealt with her? In addition, there seem to be as many journalists as soldiers, each looking to make their reputation by catching US troops doing something wrong.

    As for Kerry, he is on record saying the same thing years ago. I don't buy what to me is the strained attempt to link his comments to Bush. It was common during the Nam years for students to joke that if they failed, they'd end up in the Nam. Actually, it was true. Flunk out of college, which was actually possible to do back then, and you lost your student deferment. Hello Draft Board.
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  4. I agree with the "murderous" part, our people did not freely choose and plan (premeditate) on killing anyone. The draft probably did force some C+ students to try harder vs. going to war. And, yes, this is certainly the time of "transparency" with the reporters and instant mass communication, thus causing one to wonder what the previous wars were really like.

    Watching Baghdad Bob telling us that his city is not under fire, with bombs going off all the while behind him, was a perfect example of how video can force some type of reality. Americans, right or wrong, have generally believed that their soldiers were (and are) the "good guys" - and for the most part they are.

    What concerns me is the blind faith we see in so many people, not accustomed to, or maybe not aware of, revisionist history. We were taught in grade school about the brave soldiers saving the world from "Indian Savages" during the 1700's-1800's in the U.S., and now, with all that behind us, we know full well that the white invaders were ruthless, and quite often, self serving and opportunistic. Did the end justify the means? Maybe, that's for people much smarter than me to decide. Do we see parallels in the current Irag situation? I think we do (not just Halliburton of course, but many "errors" in spending and spinning the war).

    Jack Nicholson's line of "You can't handle the truth" keeps coming to mind.

    Having to label bullets is just stupid on so many levels.

    "How can we be right when everybody's wrong" also comes to mind. As well as Bob Dylans "With God on our Side". Sad commentary growing up with music always playing in the house. LOL. Media overexposure.

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  5. the army should be murderous. now i can sleep well tonight. white liberals are convinced that every war in history is like vietnam. black liberals are convinced that every event is related to the civil rights movement. both of thier conversations always revert back to the 60s. thier stuck in a time loop.
    baby killers? liberals wont wage war unless its for the right to kill babies in the womb.
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  6. Mr. Hersh should have a sex change operation.

    He is after all, a pussy in pants.

    As for the US military, they should inspire fear. The more fear they inspire the fewer deaths that will occur on our side. Look what has happened to date in Iraq. They do not fear us, instead they look upon us as walking targets. If for once our military were "turned loose" to kick some ass, we would see a much different world.

    Instead of letting politicians (who are after all complete pussies) control our military, we should let our generals get it done. I suggest bombing the shit out of every city where Iraqi militias exist today. I guarantee you this, after the mushroom cloud cleared over the first couple of cities, these fucking camel jockeys would changing their tune. Same thing for Iran. One or two thermonuclear "Al Queda Barbeques" is all it would take.



    I would like to add North Korea to my list of countries we should bomb the shit out of...I will bet that if we gave that leisure suit wearing midget a little nuclear "surprise party", his big bad army would simply disappear into the woods. If not, well thats what tactical nukes are for...
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  7. Mr. Hersh has as much right to speak his mind as Mad Putz has making his veiled comment on slitting Mr. Hersh's throat.

    What you egotistical Neo-Klowns and IM-moral RepubliKKKunts keep on forgetting is that someone volunteering to fight in the american army is fighting to uphold your rights, which includes the right to speak freely ( as long as it doesn't impinge on the rights of others) . Unfortunately for america, most Neo-Klowns and IM-moral RepubliKKKlans suffer from an advanced form of congenital mental dementia, so logic and reasoning is lost to them.
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  8. Yes he has every right.

    and he's a pussy
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  9. Yes.
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  10. Fair enough, just let's at least try to make sure it's the right asses that are getting kicked rather than just any ass other than your own.
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