Publix strikes again!

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  1. All of this bullshit about how I can't trade from some of the idiots on the P&R forum but here is over 100% return in less than 24 hours. (if I set my stop realistically at 1.5530 instead of 1.5500) I would have 1,800 more.

  2. Congrats on your gain. But I would suggest that a one time, 50% gain does not cement the fact that you can trade well (maybe you can, but I don't think this proves it).
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    Good trading. Leverage helps :D
  4. One must always compare one's returns against mythical 8% a year. BTW, it was not 50% but over 100% grain, went to sleep with 2400 equity woke up with over 5000.
  5. You are a regular George Soros. That's exactly what he did with the British Pound too! Just kidding you though... good trading...

    Publix has some good chicken. Glad to hear you are not on strike either! Good work all the way around!!!
  6. Maybe you could buy some image resizing software with your winnings :D

    Making money isn't the problem, it's hanging onto it which is the difficult part! Post your trading for 12 months, then we'll be impressed....
  7. big baller on a $2.5k account....
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    Not that it matters....but your leverage is unrealistic.

    107 pip profit = 1671$.

    pip value = $15.6 per 1 pip.

    Stop @ 10 pips = 156$ (15.6$ x 10) / 2,500 = 6% risk per trade.

    Stop @ 20 pips = 312$ (15.6$ x 20) / 2500$ = 12.5% risk per trade.

    Stop @ 30 pips = .... 19%, risk per trade.

    FXCM spread on EURCAD is 6 pips.

    So you're looking at reasonable stop of 20 pips, including spread. On top of that, you mentioned those trades being limit orders. Very difficult to forcast that level of entry accuracy several hours ahead of time.

    Not saying the trades aren't real. Even the best of us, wouldn't push our luck with that gearing.