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    I am wondering if someone can't point me to a group or individual publicly known strategies so that I can see the kinds of structures of these strategies and use them as a foundation for building my own.

    Obviously there are hundreds of people who want to sell me a strategy that works 80% of the time. And everyone likes to point to "it's your psychology that defines the winners from the losers." (So that their strategy doesn't get the blame.) I guess I'm really looking for examples of those kinds of strategies - but not anyone's super secret recipe, I realize those are private.

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    Thank you, that was really helpful.

    Am I right to assume that pretty much any system for sale online is going to be either a scam or just a mediocre notion?

    I guess I'm also looking for VALID educational materials to take me to the next level. For emini's especially I'm new to the game (equities I understand better).
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    What most people are selling are entry signals or a system that generates them. This is the sizzle that eveyone wants and that newbies think is the key to success.

    However experienced traders will tell you that the entry is one of the least important parts of a comprehensive trading strategy. Getting IN is easy, it's everything that comes after that makes trading difficult.

    Just something to keep in mind on your journey.
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    It's a good thing to mention and it's something I'm coming to realize.

    It's a strange industry - there is so much noise. It's hard to decipher what is real information and what is a salespitch.

    Everyone tends to agree on the principles, but the implementations are secrets and those that are being sold are misinformation... supposedly.

    Which, for the beginner creates a lot of confusion which would lead to just "trying it" which would lead to feeding the machine - which is maybe how the whole system is designed - especially the emini's.
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    The more I think about this (speaking of the emini's which I don't know well), the more I realize that if all the courses and books are "scams" - and no one who is successful will reveal how they "do it."

    Is every single successful trader who boasts over 20% per month profit here completely self taught?

    That's pretty remarkable and nearly unbelievable, it seems near impossible considering there would be no valid training.

    What's more is that if people are really making even 20% per month - it would not be long (something like 13 months) before everyone trading with anything over 10k would be millionaires and that just doesn't seem to be the case.

    More misinformation?
  7. 1.2^13=10.7

    10.7 x $10k = $107k

    no, it's not that easy to go from $10k to $1m

    Think about this..

    What kind of risk are you looking at to get that 20% per months? Will it wipe you out or reduce your position size?
  8. Nice link Bearbelly. And a good point Lescor, although a good entry makes a good exit much easier. :)

    August, I presume we're to be impressed by your cynicism. Very worldly. Remind us of how you're going if you're still here in 18 months. Should you fail it probably won't be the method you tried as most of them can work for someone ... its much more likely to come from within.
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