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    For the past two years, Liberty Market Investment (LMI) has been funding traders who want to trade the futures markets without being required to risk their own capital.

    Today, LMI is offically announcing The Traders' Contest, which is now open for registration for free. You can register any time until 4:59 pm CT on Sunday, October 13th. The Contest itself will begin on Monday, October 14th at 7:00 pm CT and will end on Friday, October 18 at 3:10 pm, just before CME closes for the weekend.

    Top prizes are Traders Recruitment program subscriptions (starting from stage I, Practice Session, or stage II, Qualifying Session). In other words, you get a chance to win your funding and make real profits by making just a few good Contest trades!

    To win a prize, you'll need to beat other traders' results while staying within the boundaries of the Contest rules.

    Here are the prizes:

    1st place: Qualifying Session account $50,000
    2nd place: Practice Session account $50,000
    3rd place: Practice Session account $30,000

    All traders who achieve the Contest profit target without violating the Contest rules will get a 25% discount code for the Practice Session.

    Contest results will be announced on October 21st. We encourage you to share your contest experience with other Elite Trader forum members at any time.

    Please make sure you watch our short Contest presentation video to find out how to enter the Contest, navigate through the VolFix platform and learn about the Contest rules.


    Additional Contest details are located in this article and also at our help center.

    Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at


    LMI Team
  2. This is going to be a public contest, so you'll be able to see your own and everybody else's trades real-time, just like this:


    Plus, every user's trade history is clickable.


    Don't hesitate to register for FREE.
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  3. Overnight


    LMI, the esurance of prop firms!

    They give you a chance, a possible discount, and if all else fails, a contest. No harm there! Thanks again LMI for the offer, but at this time I cannot accept it. Good luck in your endeavors!

  4. Not quite. We planned this contest from the very beginning because we know that this is what traders love most - competitive environment and a free opportunity to win the Practice Session :)
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  5. LMI, you are just great! I feel it will be an excellent battle! And the prizes are very motivating! Way to go!
  6. maxinger


    This promotion looks much better.
    no annoying ET newbies inputs.

    All the best.
  7. Thank you maxinger. We're learning on our way!
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  8. Where can I see the conditions of the tournament in writing?
  9. Hi Hanna Marti, here you go

    Have you checked out our short youtube introductory video?
    You're welcome to ask any questions.
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  10. tradertb


    What is the promo code for 15% off and how long is the promo code good for?
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