Public thinks media is biased and untrustworthy

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  1. In results that could only surprise Dan Rather and the NYT editorial board, a new poll found that nearly half of Americans think the media has a persistent liberal bias. Perhaps more surprising, the poll revealed a lower level of trust in the media than in any branch of government. It's hard to believe but more people trust congress than the media. Wonder how they fare compared to used car salesmen or commodity brokers?

    I don't know how the networks are reacting--ok, actually I do know, they couldn't care less because being politically correct is more important to them than having viewers--but the Fox News crowd must be exchanging plenty of high fives.
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    This is why the Fox News Network which didn't hardly exist 7 years ago is now the most watched network for news. This is why their political shows are the highest rated shows on cable every night. They are absolutely killing CNN. The numbers are not even close. Finally Americans have found a network we can go to to get both sides of the issue.

    On a side not, what the LA Times did this last week was absolutely inexcusable. They are by far the most liberal paper in the country but I think they just made a new low. What a disgrace of a paper. I was very happy to hear that over 100k subscriptions were cancelled after that smear attack on Arnold. Maybe there are a few bright people out in California.
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    And which one is the most watched during prime time period???

    THE NO SPIN ZONE............dont forget to check out his website for new goodies...:D
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    FOX GRETA 1.7
    FOX 11 PM ET 1.7
    CNN 1 AM ET 1.6
    MSNBC 10 PM 0.7
    MSNBC 11 PM 0.6
    MSNBC 9 PM 0.5
    MSNBC 8 PM 0.4

    I guess you know why Al Franken is attacking Fox so much now. The American people are sick and tired of the liberal rhetoric in the news today.
  5. I actually thought the more surprising part of the poll was the fact that all three branches of government scored higher on trust than the media. To me that is just a devastating indictment of the public's disgust with the arrogance of the talking heads.

    I think there is a shareholder accountability issue here as well. No doubt in my mind that the LA Times hurt itself financially by using whatever credibility it has to try to sway the recall election. As for the major networks, if they were truly being run in the interests of shareholders, would they all three have laughable liberal clones as news anchors. Wouldn't you want to give it a try with someone different? Instead they stick with the same liberal bias and suffer steadily declining viewership. And don't even get me started on the ESPN/Limbaugh fiasco.
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    One thing I've noticed in airports & hotels etc around the world is the extent to which the BBC has now taken over from CNN as the preferred news channel.

    I think that the US media in general has become suspect...
  7. The crystal clear bias is not just against the 2nd Ammendment, and most anyone conservative.

    Notice the big media hatred , scorn or more often just ''edit out '' the following;

    black conservatives, any conservatives , in general
    even pro life democrats
    even pro 2nd ammendment democrats
    even tax cutting democrats like JFK, or free enterprize wisdom

    Pretends fairness with ;
    the occasional tax & spend republican
    the most anti 2nd ammendment republican possible!

    I am just suprised the % of Americans havent discovered this truth - many more sources of truth prove many are.

    Even the most liberal senator [media nickname=moderate or progressive senator] has helped me, far more than big media.

  8. Well, the Newly Weds have some insightful ( how Jessica Simpson has a great body... except for those short legs ), educational ( how Jessica Simpson is a typical stereo-typical blonde ) topics they cover.

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    On the serious note, it took the majority of the people 300 years to figure this out???

    What country are we living in?
  9. It is the duty of the press to have a liberal bias, in order to help maintain a balance with the power base. We naturally have big money and corporate power at the top, and these entities have repeatedly shown that their only concern is to increase their wealth and power at the top of the pyramid with little concern for long term impact of what is best for society at large at the bottom of the pyramid.

    It is one thing to have policy which is conservative and helps all people equally. It is quite another to have policy that benefits only a small segment of society.

    The press needs to remain liberal in its bias in these times of conservatives who don't really care about the course of destiny beyond their own special interests, or pushing their own religious agendas.

    I have nothing against true conservatism which benefits everyone, not just the old/new money land barons. What we see today is not true conservativism in my opinion.
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    Wow, what total crap! Were you even watching the news during the Clinton Administration? The liberal media gave this guy a pass on everything. The White water scandal, chinese buying access to the white house, hillary's illegal futures trading, the Marc Rich scandal, not to mention al the women that came out and claimed they were raped by Clinton. Hardly any of this was on the news and if it was it was just briefly mentioned along with tomorrow's weather forecast. Listen man, if you knew 10% of what Bill Clinton did in office you would be demanding this guy to be sent to prison. Unfortunately there wasn't much outrage because the liberal press didn't even make an attempt to cover it. If only Fox news was around in 1992 when Clinton first took office. You don't need the news to be liberal or bias, you just need them to be fair. Democrats and Republicans will be more then happy to cry wolf as soon as the other party gets out of line. We don't need the news to push a political agenda. That's just scary.
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