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  1. I have a client with a revolutionary consumer electronic device . Looking into purchasing or joint venturing with a shell trading OTC to take it public. I am new in this space, anyone here with connections, product, or advice? Thanks, surf
  2. This is pretty generic - a few thoughts come to mind:

    1) What's the purpose of doing this and in what region/jurisdiction
    2) This can be a risky proposition and may not be worth the tradeoff depending on who you purchase from - point being there may be better ways to collateralize/get credit
    3) Most large insurance mgmt/admin companies provide these services and offer a certain level of transparency - they'll know best (i.e. especially if you have multijurisdictional issues)
    4) Who are the backers for this venture - what have they done in the past?


    Edit: Just saw the part about taking the company public, presumably in the US. Slightly different goal than what I had in mind - still, I'd talk to my advisory firm first.
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  4. Why would you want to pay for a shell? If it really is revolutionary device wouldn't you try to get financing? (ie actually bring in money) You are full of it surfer.

  5. Thanks, m2c. Yes, we have a highly pedigreed management team, a patent, and interest from a major big box electronic chain. However, no one want to take the first step in providing the needed funding to tool up in china for production. Therefore, my thoughts are to float a public offering to raise capital. The product has lots of sizzle and appeal but may be too far advanced for typical funding.

    I'll turn my PM box on in case anyone wants to reply privately. Thanks
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    No, I don't. You need to google angel investors and find somebody that specializes in electronics. There's a new breed of angels, super angels, that take things further. If nobody bites make sure you understand why as they will probably know something you don't.
  7. I have come very close to closing this deal, but something always gets in the way at the last second. Thanks for the advice.
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