"Public Option" Will Be Back In Final Bill. Here's Why....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jksn922, Dec 17, 2009.

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    The Democrats in the Senate will end up passing a health bill w/out the public option, or the early medicare enrollment option.

    BUT........ The Senate bill would then go to committee with the House bill that has already passed with a public option. All the Democrats would have to do is put the public option back in, and it will sail through there once again with no problem. Then, when the final bill with the public option comes back to the Senate, they would only need 51 votes for final legislation approval. It would then go to Obama to sign.
    DON'T BE FOOLED!!!!!!! That ridiculous public option will make it's way back in, you can bank on it!!! This is why the bill needs to be killed in the Senate right now, or else that single payer, socialized, rationed care public option will return.

    Howard Dean should win an academy award for his acting job of running to the media, and ripping the White House/Obama over the Senate Bill omitting the public option/early medicare enrollment. Dean knows full well that it's going back into the bill when it goes to committee. If the public option were truly going by the wayside, you would have had "numerous" Democratic Senators who supported this come out breathing fire over it's omission. But what did you have? Howard Dean making a fuss, plus maybe one or two Democratic Senators/public option supporters simply shrugging their shoulders saying we need to get this thing done regardless.
    I hope everyone can see the Democrat con job being done on this. They have no intention of removing the public option, as they are only playing this game in the Senate in order to get around the filibuster issue. Once that's done, and the bill comes back from committee markup, all they need is 51 votes for final approval, which they will easily get.
    Once this happens, in the November 2010 mid term elections, you will see the Republicans absolutely massacre the Democrats by taking the majority in the House, and picking up at least 4-5 Senate seats, mainly due to public backlash over this horrendous bill. But the Democrats are more than willing to sacrifice their own, if it means putting our country on a path to universal, single payer, socialist health care.