public holidays

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  1. perhaps they should do this to cut costs too. they could save money if they have more public holidays. sounds good doesn't it. people get more time off and don't have to do as much work. less is produced and consumed and the gov saves money. should we be looking at this kind of thinking.
  2. That WOULD be nirvana.... everybody does nothing and still gets a check from the government.
  3. my idea is that you get paid less and do less. why do people need so much anyway. surely quality of life comes first.
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    Why stop at a holiday. We don't we just have no work, and the government sends us all a check.

    Its clear the government is hording money. Just think if we spent less money on wars, and frivolous endeavors there would be enough money to send everyone a nice check to cover all their needs, and not have to work.

    We just make the rich fat cats work, and everyone else can stay home.

    Imagine if Barrack Obama was president of the world with Hugo Chavez as his vice president, the world would be fixed and when I crap unicorns would finally fly out my ass
  5. So.... suppose we give 1.000 workers the day off, they all stay home and use energy in their respective 1,000 individual homes or they all commute to work and occupy an office building that houses 1.000 workers. Where is the savings?
  6. i think you have missed the point. that is they do not get paid. they work less and get paid less. they consume less and they gain quality of life.
  7. I guess I did miss the point OTH, quality of life may mean a better fishing pole.