Public Confidence in Bush Dropping Dramatically

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  1. New NY Times/CBS poll:

    "Do you approve or disapprove of the way George Bush is handling the economy?"

    Approve: 37%
    Disapprove: 56%

    "Do you approve or disapprove of the way George Bush is handling foreign policy?"

    Approve: 45%
    Disapprove: 44%

    Bush' approval numbers peaked shortly after 9-11 at about 62% and 75% respectively for the above questions.

    Although these new figures are significantly threatening to an incumbents, all is not bad for Bush

    60% say he has strong qualities of leadership, 50% say he is more honest than most people, and 60% say he has made the country safer against terrorism.

    In another poll conducted by an independent pollster, 70% felt the Bushes are not more sexually active than the average American couple thier age and 3% responded that they would like to have Laura Bush spank thier bare bottom.
  2. These polls are total crap. Honestly, I disapprove of the way Bush is handling the economy. I'd eliminate the estate tax and cap gains taxes and impose a flat tax on income. I'd cut spending dramatically. I would attempt to zero out many programs. I'd eliminate the Education, Labor, Housing and Urban Affairs and Commerce Departments.

    I don't approve of the way he is handling security either. I'd impose rigid racial and ethic profiling. I'd stop harrassing 75 year old grandmothers from Duluth and concentrate on the people who are likely to cause trouble. I'd be looking for bombs in luggage, not confiscating nail clippers.

    What I wouldn't do however is vote for any of the people opposing him. Their views are so extreme and naive, that I fear we'd have another Jimmie Carter experience if any of them managed to be elected.
  3. It sounds like you think we're living in a dictatorship:D
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    You know what is so funny. I've noticed during the democratic debates how some of these candidates define rich people as those that invest in the stock market. They talk about how we need to raise taxes on dividends and capital gains because anyone investing in the stock market must be rich. How do they come to that conclusion? I know rich people who won't touch the mkt and I know plenty of lower middle class who are heavily invested in the market. This really scares me. How could any trader on this site or investor vote for one of those democrats. One of the mysteries of life I guess.
  5. Gee, this comes as a surprise to us all AAA. How come you left out eliminating the EPA? Social Security? Medicare and Medicade? Are you getting soft?

  6. Please enlighten us with some references. I haven't made up my mind yet, and any info on how the Dem. candidates feel towards investors and tax theory/strategy would help.

    However, I don't think that anyone, much less multiple Dem. candidates, is stupid enough to say that "anyone investing in the stock market must be rich" simply because of the millions of people that take advantage of company 401K plans, stock purchase plans, etc. You'd have to be a real dumbass to say something that stupid because you'd alienate most of the country.
  7. Too bad most of the people who had to have their phone service cut off due to unemployment were unable to voice their opinions in the poll.
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    I'll find you some references when I have some time but I agree with you completely nobody would be that stupid. But I swear on my life I heard one democrat in particular say that. I can't remember which one yet, I'll look it up. But he clearly did not think before he said it. He said something to the effect that this George Bush tax cut which is going towards the rich is the worst thing for out economy. How can we justify cutting taxes on dividends and capital gains and giving it to the rich people who invest in the stock market when we have a deficit as large as we have now. Plus or minus a few words that is what he said. I'll look it up. And there were several other candidates that made references to the stock market being a place for the rich although they were more subtle about it. I know it's scary. That is what amazes me is that there on people on this board who call themselves traders and investors and this doesn't seem to bother them. Crazy stuff I know.
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