Public Broadcasting Execs Feasting On Huge Salaries, Demand Tax Money

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    How is their compensation determined?
  2. Comparing to even a Radio broadcaster, Citadel just to pick one at random.

    2008 = $6million
    2007 = $11 million
    2006 = 17 million.

    Not saying all should be fair, and I understand that public broadcasting may not serve the entire public, but I think it goes along the lines of those who don't want their tax dollars spent on abortion or those who don't want their tax dollars spent on misguided wars.

    A lot of public donations, including mine, go to PBS.

  3. More truth from Fox news Huckabee?

    Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says President Barack Obama's childhood in Kenya shaped his world view -- despite the fact that Obama did not visit Kenya until he was in his 20s.

    Perhaps sensationalism and extreme partisanship does not need help with funding, perhaps there are enough who choose to blindly follow their demagogues instead of actually caring about the truth.

    Unfortunate as that may seem.

    I wish both sides would try to use facts, and I'm sure someone will pick another non-truth from the left. It just struck me as funny, that someone would actually say Fox is truth.

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    Huckabee made it clear he meant to say Indonesia instead of Kenya. He also said in the same interview that he believes Obama is a U.S. citizen.

    Obama makes the same sort of mistakes regularly and no one tries to twist those into demagoguery.
  5. Ah... so you believe "Fox Lies"... please show examples. Be specific.. I'm smart and pay attention and have a very good "BS meter".. And I REJECT your uninformed, biased view.
  6. PBS does NOT equal NPR.
  7. I don't think government should be involved in broadcasting. Just like I don't think it would be a good idea for the government to contribute tax money to newspapers, no matter how objective they claimed to be.

    The point is not that these execs make less than CEOs of private radio outlets. It's that first of all, they don't need the government money, and second, it's a terrible idea for the government to be supporting media.

    Public broadcasting provides a sevice that many people value enough to support with voluntary donations. They also generate enormous amounts of money with their properties, like Sesame Street. They don;t require government funding, and even if they did, I would be against it, just as I was against bailing out GM.
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    I was ok with PBS and NPR for many years but during the Bush years they said such rabid stuff about George Bush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld that I find it difficult to care what happens.

    NPR in particular is militantly leftist and so clueless as to think nobody notices. That particular organization needs its public funding cut completely. NPR might be considered the propaganda arm of the Obama adminstration. PBS is right behind them.
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