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  1. I would like to apologize to all Jewish people I may have offend here, at one time or another. Please accept my apologizes.
  2. Okay, Borat...:D
  3. Have you realized that Jewish contributions to the world such as the polio vaccine, insulin, antibiotics and comprehension of vitamins... more than makes up for all the bad stuff; Like communism, Goldman Sachs and Woody Allen movies?
  4. ==========================
    some people dont like Jews because Jesus is Jewish.
    all the Bible was written by Jews.

    Happy thanksgiving,Christmas -Hanukkah:cool:
  5. man


    if moishele steals it is the jew moishele.
    if george steals ... it is still george.
  6. man


    that IS funny.
    (though you are wrong on woody allen.)
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    Reardon, LOL.
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  9. What about bagels, course kosher salt,Ms. Israel and Rodney Dangerfield.
  10. Cutten


    I thought those contributions belonged solely to the people responsibile for bringing them about. How are they "Jewish" contributions? If I do something great, it won't be an "English" contribution. F*ck England, it's me and whoever helped me, not the other 59.99 million lazy fucks who never did jack sh*t with their lives.
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