PTT - Buy now for quick bounce.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by midlifeguy, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. I think some positive news will hit with earnings. It has freefallen here because of liquidity but the company is fundamentally sound and will jump $2 easy in a day.
  2. But what about AAPL?
  3. Right around June 20 " Alexzia The Snake Swallower "
    left PTT employment at The Penthouse Club. Shares and men's members have been diving ever since.

    What will it take to gett PTT erect again? Alexzia has a second cousin " Suzie Sagcrotch " who has been brought in to prop up business but her refusal to work with snakes has really held back business. The last hope may be in former starlet Lindsay Lowhan who has agreed to a headlining run after several months of rehab....
  4. good call with PTT. I've been following it lately, and coudln't get myself to buy on the big run up, partially b/c of lack of liquidity.

    Now I'm a taking a look at the nice run up, but can't get myself to buy in to this market.
  5. Get real the market is down 2% if say it was down 5-8% I may think you had a point but this is what many in the admin want a bit of stream being let off.

    Not just that it is good to let the market know it can drop 2% as it may curb a few of he permabulls who think every drop is a buying op (they have been right recently though)