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    PTMC is a fast and powerful standalone trading platform developed by PFSOFT, a global provider of trading technology for banks, prime and retail brokers as well as individual traders.

    PTMC has combined the best charting and analytical functionality in one application which gives professional traders more ways to reach the right trading decisions on different markets: Forex/CFDs, Stocks, Derivatives (Futures/Options), ETFs and ETNs.

    Our platform is connected to a number of brokers:
    • Forex brokers - FXCM, OANDA, LMAX,
    • Futures & Stocks brokers - Interactive Brokers, DirectFX, AMP Futures, Optimus Futures, Dorman Trading, Wedbush, Gain Capital, GFF Brokers, Cannon Trading
    • Data providers - CQG, IQFeed, Metastock and Quandl. Working on integration with Rithmic


    What functionality is supported in the platform?

    PTMC has two types of licenses for access to FX/CFDs market and for Exchange markets (stocks, Futures, Options, ETFs)

    For exchange traders we offer:
    • volumetric tools - volume profiles, cluster chart, market profile, bar statistics, real-time and historical T&S
    • Market Depth (DOM)
    • Super DOM
    • Order Flow Surface - allows visualizing order flow data
    • Forward Curve panel
    • Option Master - module for option traders
    • Symbol Mapping Manager - when you get exchange data from one source (quote vendor) and orders send to another source (OMS - Order management system)
    • Chart overlay
    • Flexible timeframe selector
    • Wide list of trading orders with different conditions (Iceberg, time in force conditions)
    • Chart and mouse trading
    and much more features....

    You can start using PTMC for free.










    PTMC Trading Terminal - Start using it via CQG, Interactive Brokers, IQFeed and other brokers/data feed providers.

    As well you can download our Presentation (PDF 5 Mb) which covers almost all our features.
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  2. Zzzz1


    "Has connections with....". Do you mean you provide connectivity to brokers and data feed providers? And, why are you re-inventing the wheel? None of your screen shots shows anything innovative, the same can be displayed and shown on any of the many multiple trading platforms in existence. Multi Charts, Ninja, IB TWS, Amibroker, ...

  3. PTMC


    Yes, we provide connectivity to these brokers/data feeds. If you have trading accounts on these brokers, you may use PTMC.

    Maybe, but if you have some interesting idea about innovative functionality, please share with us and we will realize it.
    Many of technical analysis features are the same in many platforms and commonly used among traders. So we try to make them more convenient in use. Some platforms don't provide option trading, Historical T&S, Level 2 surface.
  4. Zzzz1


    So, how do you then differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition? Why should anyone buy your product and not others? By the way, would you share which platform this app was developed in? C#/Wpf? I recognize some of the UI elements.

  5. PTMC


    At the moment we provide a lot of features that has our competitors in one platform and all this the only for 50$. Other platforms offer the same functional for more price.
    We analyze other platfroms and try to make more convenient functional.
    For example, our Option master module has Vonna-Volga analysis which allows to calculate IV more accurately. As well it has overlay of different profiles (Position profile with its greeks profiles) which allows to evaluate in what moment trader should to manage his position (gelta hedge or via other greeks).
    Of course we understand that some features not enough strong and we have a huge plans about their improvements. Next releases we will update our Ladder, Level2 surface, volume profiles and more. As well we constantly add more new indicators and plugins in our website's Code Base.
  6. PTMC


    See this useful video manual - How to connect PTMC with TWS (Interactive Brokers)
  7. JackRab


    Nice, looks good... good to see you have volume profile, something I would want with IB....
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  8. xandman


    Some recommendations:

    1) The ability to group options positions. By Sector, By Commodity,....Custom. And, model that exposure.

    2) Futures Spreads Ladder and launch a chart wih a right-click. IBKR default setting for charting spreads does not work. You can make a spread template. But, many final adjustments are necessary. ie scaling the price axis.

    3) Correlation matrix/analysis.

    4) Futures Curve. IBKR requests all available contracts which uses up max data requests. Just make a simple graph of various month prices as indicated by the user.

    5) Don't get too crazy on traditional Technical Charting as that is a crowded field and your app will look like a toy. Take market share from established players in volume profile and order flow analysis who are able to charge a premium.

    6) Break up the product into a free Core and charge for add-on modules. Most vendors do this as everybody trades differently. Your program looks liek an amalgamation of too many trading styles and practices. Additionally, you will gain market traction faster which you currently don't have.

    7) More PnL breakdowns and performance analysis. IBKR actually has a good one, but you can make one specifically for day traders/scalpers.

    8) Chat. The world is gaga over social.

    A promising product. Best of luck.
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  9. JackRab


    I must say @PTMC, just going through your website etc... I'm seriously contemplating using your platform.

    There are some features I really miss on IB's TWS.

    Can you tell me more about your options trading module? Do you use your own modelling for theoretical pricing? Is it possible to adjust certain settings within your modelling (IV, Skew, etc).

    Anymore documentation on that?

    Cheer, JR
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  10. PTMC


    Hello, xandman and thanks for the warm and valuable answer! I will reply in order

    1) We will try to solve this moment but not every data providers give the necessary data through their API, which allows us to group open positions (especially for stock sectors. We can group by asset classes: futures, stocks, options, FX).

    2) and 4) we are working on Futures spreads and Curves. I guess we can show you the first version of our module to the end of spring.

    3) Correlation matrix is a useful tool and in future, we'll realize it. Now we have the simple plug-in for our platform - Correlation, but it has a lot of limitations.

    5) PTMC has volumetric tools and we put more emphasis on their improvement and refinement. Next releases will cover several important updates for cluster chart and volume profile. We have a lot of requests from our customers but if you have certain cool ideas about how to improve our volume tools please share with us.

    6) We thought about this approach for platform sale and I guess we will apply it in future. The first module that we will separate from main core will be Option master.

    7) Could you please clarify this item. What exactly do you offer?

    8) what do you mean? Twitter or chat with other traders within the platform?

    Thanks again for your interest to PTMC platform!
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