PTG Securities shut down???

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    I warned everyone about non registered LLC's....I told you the SEC told me they were going to be shutting LLC's down!

    Who is next?
  2. I trade through them, they actually decided not to be in the sub-llc business and put their company or any of their traders at risk as it did not make business sense since their broker-dealer Avatar Securities provides the platforms, bp, risk, support, etc. All the ptg traders trade directly with Avatar anyway so I think the owners of ptg just work with Avatar now directly trading and recruiting.
  3. What about overseas?
  4. Read my past posts.

    I told you so.
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    Sorry to hear that, I hope you can still get your money out. Good luck.

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    If it is Avatar as the b/d, it shouldn't be an issue. Avatar is known as being stand up guys.
  7. wow that must be messed up.

    One day you see your money, the next day its a go daddy website.

    Well thats what happens when people try to cheat the systems by cutting corners. You just end up cheating yourself in the end.
  8. I trade with them. No money was lost and all traders were well informed. This did not change a single thing for any trader with them as they only have a small group of core traders. We are all with Avatar the bd they were with so it's all good.