PTG Capital...tell me about it

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by pineman, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. pineman


    Anyone work there ?
  2. CTT


    I interviewed with them, looking for any specific info?
  3. pineman


    Yeah, I wanted to know if anyone there, new is making any money at all, also is the place run by professionals ?
  4. bradman


    didn't hear great things about it, but never worked there

    also, i noticed that they used to post about an office in salem, nh and it's no longer listed on the website

    i heard it went out of business

    don bright always said that these little LLC were dangerous

    doesn't sound like a stable place to put your cash
  5. I notice the the web site is not working properly. CTT, how come you decided not to become a trader at PTG Capital?
  6. CTT


    One of the reasons was I needed a salary and they didn't offer that and I was not in a position to front $5k.
  7. CTT,
    I know someone mention that PTG Capital will allow you to use their money without using your own money, but some how the post got deleted. How long ago was your interview with them? Do you know what PTG stands for?
  8. CTT


    As far as I know, you had to front some sort of money, but thinking back I do seem to recall them telling me that if I couldn't front $5k then there were ways to work around it. Not sure what the details of that were but it didn't seem set in stone.

    I interviewed with them early this year and I don't have a clue what PTG stands for :confused: