PT.Millennium Penata Futures FRAUD

Discussion in 'Forex' started by fxnewyorkmoney, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. At the begining of February I posted a thread asking anyone for help regarding a forex trading company named Global Market Group. I had an account with them that had over $100k and they disappeared, they shut down their website , disconnected their phones and pretty much vanished. I have been trying to track them down. Since they used Metaquote software I got in touch with the guys over at Metaquote, who were as helpful as they could be and they told me that the white label company was Millennium Penata Futures. I have been in touch with Millennium and they said they see my trades, they agree that I had all that money in the account but they can't get in touch with Global Market Group either.

    I was wondering if anyone knew the extent of responsibility that the white label company has. Millennium Penata has told me that they are limited to the help they can give me, pretty much, they aren't going to give me my money back eventhough they have records of all my trades. Does anyone have any info that can help, I would really appreciate it.