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  1. A great new game is afoot on ET. Is CD23 a new pseudonym for Jack Hershey, or is CD23 a fabulous mimic? At stake is my oft-made assertion that aliases cannot help but revel themselves through their preferred vocabulary, their idiosyncratic syntax, and their individually distinctive cadence. For example, if you see the word "eleemosynary" used, you know there is a 70% chance it is me posting (10 times out of 14 total occurences on ET).

    So to make the first move in the game, how many of you, besides Jack and me, even know what the fuck the Civilian Conservation Corps WAS? How many of you would say without thinking that you would post a chart on your drawing board for evaluation? Jack and I are the last two people alive who ever used a drawing board.

    So those of you who are obsessed, as I am, with all things Jack, please provide your own clues. CD23, you can play, too. Your denials should provide even more relevant data. I'll not spoil the game by telling you the key vocabulary and psyntax similarities I have discovered. A hint: running Word readability statistics is very telling.
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    Probl is if you see LOL or reply in color then you think it's Jack. Here is one of the clue Jack doesn't know jack about computer.
  3. So Hypo isnt dead after all. Good to hear.
  4. Excellent observations, Nkhoi. But you chided me that CD23 is an im-poster.
  5. Cokie, the late misfortunate Hypostomus has has his screen name changed to Hyposthumous, so he can post from the grave. It was always a close call who would come back first, him or Jack, proving which was the greatest attention whore, as if there was really any doubt bost on the average post length.
  6. (S)He's a good and entertaining mimic. There are plenty of tells that show it is not quite the real thing, however, notably the errors in the recent pontifications on the DOM.[color]

    But very funny nonetheless. If only more people here had a sense of humour then we could all get along a bit better.
  7. Pointy, I think you haven't been a stoont of Jack as long as I have. There were long stretches in his career where he was barely coherent, much less consistent. But I will admit that CD23's post in general are a little too smooth. That said, there are idioms in CD23's posts which do not appear in Jack, but which are very Jackish. Only an old guy could write like that. I won't spoil the fun with citations, but older readers will spot them.

    But, not to stray, this is a serious psychological thread aimed at methods for detecting aliases, one of my favorite subjects.
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    no no don't give the bot any more clues, it's getting tougher to tell it apart. Clue for hypo is just for this time, he will have to figure it out himself next time.

    you're catching on.
  9. No statistics necessary... how about this one:

    "Measure trend and momentum by their time rate of change (increasing or decreasing) and cross the two using the four possible cases. Compare to the price action by shading the cases color by color.

    This will give you a continuous evaluation of price action and you will not have all of the problems Mark Brown tells us he has.

    Increasenow, glance at the results and find that all the bases you wanted covered are also taken care of.

    Ed didn't get around to this; not many people have."
  10. Excellent, Kiddo! If Nkhoi is right, and it is a bot, it's a clever bot. The use of the word "glance" for example. And the phrase "not many people". Pure Jack. But the quality of the orthography varies from too smooth to not rough enough. And the essential pontifical ranting nature somehow is lacking. Not that I could do any better. It has to come straight out of your head. Not fakeable.
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