Psycological Warfar for sure

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    Humm, read this stuff and tell me how the individuals Psych would stand up if this hit main stream press.


    Since US up-scaled terror alert Sunday - with accent on al Qaeda aviation threat – authorities working with airlines to improve security, impose extra protection at airports for holiday period. Some foreign pilots have been arrested. Pentagon drilled move to secret locations at a moment’s notice in “continuity of government” exercise Tuesday in Washington.

    this did hit the press, but for a brief moment.:

    Missiles batteries deployed around Washington and New York City and irregular air patrols ordered. Governors were given lists of measures and sites to be protected. Bush urged Americans to go about holidays normally amid beefed up security


    US High Terror Alert prompted by intelligence of large numbers of al Qaeda heading out of Hadhramauth strongholds to Najran and Jezin airports with masses of anti-air missiles and explosives – some for destinations in Saudi Arabia, others overseas aboard unmarked civilian planes.


    a second al Qaeda group has been making for overseas operations. From Jizran, they would have no difficulty in spiriting themselves and their weapons out of the country and out of the Middle East, as far as North America.

    It is also feared that some may have boarded unmarked aircraft waiting to pick them up and carry them to points unknown. At this stage therefore the number of al Qaeda operatives on their way to overseas locations cannot be established, any more than their destinations. Their names will not appear on any passenger lists.

    Time will tell.......if these reports are based on speculation or Fact.