Psychotic or Neurotic?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by bobcathy1, Mar 6, 2003.

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    Neurotics build dream castles...
    Psychotics move in....
    Psychiatrists collect the rent!

    Do you think you are normal or mentally challenged?
  2. Psychotic, neurotic, sane, insane ---> JIBBER JABBER!

    When dealing with worldly human affairs there are just varying degrees of madness...
  3. Uh, what's the difference?

    After all, what do you call over aged men clicking on their mouses risking hundreds of thousands of dollars thinking that this time it will be different?

    :p :D :)
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    My point exactly!
    What collective neurosis do we all share?
    Or are there several?

    Addictions? Gambling? Alcoholism? Living in fantasy worlds?
    Masochists? Obsessive/compulsive? Fear of failure? Fear of winning? Onansim was one that I definitely see in the posts as well. All fodder for Dr. Freud......
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    I never thought I was normal:D
    Obsessed might be a good one for both of us.:D
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    I use a lot of psychology trading the markets. Makes it easier to understand. Right now I think most of the traders are suffering from panic attacks on the floor. And depression. Need some Prozac here!
  7. My point exactly!
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    Today the market is Delusional......

    And so are the UN weapons inspectors.

    They think that Iraq tells the truth.
  9. Really then explain me then why at YESTERDAY's close the market already projected a theorical bounce at 7556.77 (theorically in real we made "only" 7562 but it was practically close huh)?

    It is just pretext to justify up or down in the market. Some people just know the news before of course and since there are thousand of billions of interest to win it is too easy to even imagine the power of leverage of fake information...

  10. Psychotic, neurotic, egomaniac with an inferiority complex here!
    Other than that I'm perfectly normal. :D
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