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  1. rlb21079...

    Do you trade? You seem to move and re-edit other's post without any apparent reason. You don't seem to understand what others write about and keep on mixing and stirring things up....

    Psychology doesn't mean Confusion.

    Philosophy doesn't mean Pointless.

    You're given a job to do, so please do it right.

    1. Move a thread when someone complains. Not when you don't see the point.

    2. Edit a thread when someone curses. Not when you don't understand it.

    3. Think!

  2. buster


    1) who cares if someone complains.
    2) who care if someone curses.

  3. Yes.

    Two guiding principles in my editing of posts/threads: Readability & Consistency. Readability applies to the flow of a particular thread. Consistency applies to what constitutes a thread and where it is located. Nonsensical statements, questions and comments clearly outside the realm of the thread, accolades and 'flames' of other posters, personal dialogue, lengthy quotes of other posters with no direct reply - to name a few - are all subject to deletion and editing based on readability. Splitting and moving threads will be done to maintain consistency within the forum and within the site, respectively.
    Any post which I do not understand is likely to be left un-deleted until it has been shown not to be a part of the discussion.

    That is my intention.

    1. See above.
    2. Feel free to search my previous posts, you'll find I have no problem with any word. Baron too has stated that no word is banned outright and insofar as the language one uses conforms to the above principles I will not be editing posts.
    3. Always.

  4. klutz


    With regard to the thread "what good are we traders for", I posted a reply after reading Old Trader's post on page 1.

    My post highlighted Old Trader's remark about becoming a nurse and I said that Old Trader's reply was excellent and that the thread [i.e.what good are we traders for] was stupid

    You replied to my post before it was deleted and I note that your post has now been edited to remove any reference to my post.

    I have subsequently tried to post a similar reply three times and each time it is deleted.

    Moderator or petty official ?

    Any views?
  5. dbphoenix


    Both inandlong and rlb are a bit too vigorous, particularly considering their tendency to make personal remarks about the rank and file. But there's nothing you can do about it other than complain to Baron.
  6. So basically, you curve fit the threads into your own suitability rather than other's...

    That might be your problem.
  7. klutz


    I doubt that Baron is really interested. Hopefully rib will become less officious and petty...................altho' I'm not holding my breath.
  8. Lol. That is just ridiculous.

    How does someone with a worrying psychological craving for controlling every single thread manage to become a moderator of the Psychology forum when he himself is a prime candidate for its services?
  9. LOL...

    Nah... I don't want to be the mod. ... I'll say it straight out now...

    Basically, the problem with rlb and inandlong is that they edit the posts too much.

    Yes, they try to keep the content to a reasonable level and try to make a post "easy to read". But altering a part of the post, whether it's offending or not, changes the linguistic expression of the person's perspective.

    The content is content, but when it comes to siting opinions, there's also the tone of the text that becomes important. Like does this person seem angry, frustrated, happy, sarcastic, etc. etc.... With the market condition changing, ridding this takes out the significance of all the people posting in ET.

    Appropriate or not, the posts shouldn't be edited by a third person as much as possible. Thinking on your terms and thinking in subjective matter is different. I hope rlb and inandlong reads this.

    For example, in "What good is a trader?" thread in Psychology, I've been writing... all that is BS and writing how BS other's opinion is. The BS part and the specific reasoning for why it's BS (offending or not...), has been edited out. Now, I sound like a completely different guy. The post that I intended to write now sounds like some other guys' post.

    I don't need and want an English teacher telling me what and how to think/express myself.
  10. There are individuals qualified to be English teachers who are edited on a regular basis called authors, journalists, reporters, etc. The reason their writing is edited, is that what is put on for public display needs to fit within certain parameters. Within those parameters these writers are free to say whatever they wish. Thus the inevitable paradox of freedom.
    "But this isn't a book, magazine, or newspaper!," you say. Correct. It is however, a collection of information which will become useless unless honed down to what is potentially useful. It is - secondarily - a watering hole for daytraders. And, because this is its secondary purpose PM'ing and Emailing serve primarily for personal communication.

    Good day sir - that is all,
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