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  1. Here's a few chapters pulled out of an unpublished e-book that I have found helpful. Just wanted to make it available to other traders.
    Also, would love to start some discussion about it. 17 short pages, very transparent and a well written, fun read.
  2. Thanks for the book. will be reading it well before
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    Thanks for taking your time to load this ebook which contains the psychological requirements for the traders which is very much essential in these days as we are always over ruled by our emotions.
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    Where can we get the rest of it ?
  5. It's still in the process. I just wanted to see if everyone else thought he built a good case in the psychology section, and if it was communicated clearly. You're asking for the rest of it. Does that mean you found it helpful or, at least a good read? Were there any gaps that you'd like to see filled?
  6. The rest or the whole of it can be found in the Money management section,actually.Among others,there are two type of the trading literature: psychology type and MM type.MM type are better.
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    Yes it was a good read, I just noticed it started with Chapter 6.
    Working through psychological quirks is the last issue I have with trading.
    My problem is patience.
    I have a good system with positive expectancy.
    If I could just get myself to wait for entries, I would do 20% a month consistently.
    But I can't, and just throw my money away, then revenge trade and dig the hole deeper.
    Eventually I come to my senses, go back to my system and make the money back eventually.
    But start the cycle again and never get ahead.
    I wish I could figure out why I do this.
  8. I investigated this thread.

    I stopped reading at the end of the first paragraph on the second page.

    For me, it seems that the concept presented in that paragraph is not accurate. It could be that the whole paper is writtien with respect to a collection of such "substantive" information gleaned from assorted sources by the author.

    If a person writes as a scholar, then I think he has to only use facts that are accurate.
  9. ===============
    Love that early name;

    But an early fatal flaw is his theory .... a trend distorts....

    Good name in Proverbs is Solomon, thanks, Joe..
  10. Still in the process?
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