Psychological Trading Mentors

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by backman, May 31, 2004.

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  2. hear Ms. Roosevelt speak, and if one can form a valid opinion from just that, she is a sincere and honest person. She is what she projects herself to be. Her upbeat style is highly inspirational. I would think that if you have any downer tendencies that disturb your trading that she would be very helpful. As to trading skills, if I remember correctly she trades ES. Also, I spoke once with another trading trainer who worked with her once, and he said that she is a fun person to be around and very genuine.
  3. I have her Power Trading for Power Profits tape set and did the 45 minute session with her. It is a hypnosis set and has worked for me. It has been very good when combined with the Mark Douglas book set. They seem to build on each other emphasising your edge, probabilities, and predefining risk and monitoring errors. I would recommend her.

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