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  1. In order to understand the mind of a successful trader, my company is making a psychological profile on successful traders.

    Successful traders which make consistent money for a living, and have been DAYTRADING for at least 6-8 years.

    From this profile new traders that work with my company will benefit.

    IF YOU HAVE BEEN A SUCCESSFUL TRADER AND WANT TO BE PROFILE please let me know, It will be of great help for the new comers.
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    Daytraders are nuts aren't they? I know I am... but that's another thread...
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    What's in it for me ?

    There's all you need to know right there lol.
  4. Successful day traders don't stay successful day traders for 6-8 years. I've been trading for about 5 years, and now I manage other people's moneys. And my average holding period has gotten a lot longer than the micro trading that I used to do when I had a seat on the exchange etc..
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    Watchout for peole who want to learn for free by conducting interviews; it happened to me before.

    I don't mean the OP but beware folks.

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    I managed funds for awhile and hated it, give me the freedom of working for myself any day.
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    Double WRONG

    t jones just failed at daytrading looks like. Thats no reason all others will fail. Silly
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    Gawd Damn it, nobody ever tells me anything. I've been trading since the late 80's. If I had known this that means I should have switched to swing trading, what, 10 or 15 years ago.

    S O B !
  10. I forgot to put professional and serius daytraders. Let me explain: the learning curve in any task that you engage into, is longer just simply because you do not really know what are your strengths or weaknesses in respect to that task. I do not want my traders to take that long so I m choosing them with a head hunter.

    Daytrading is a kind of a new profession, in fact you hardly find independent daytraders that treat this as a real one. I m confirming this by the lack of daytraders that respond to an important part of any profession which is the psychological profile. {made in this case by Hogan Assesments--google that}.

    Because is a new profession [like dj's] there is not much information of how the mind o a daytrader works and that's why I'm doing it, so my new traders do not expend much time knowing why even thoug they have good strategies they are not profitable.

    As Morpheus said: "Your weakness is not in the technique."
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