psychological disorders in trading

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  1. common disorders:

    1) narcissistic personality disorder (npd)
    2) meglomania
    3) adult ADD
    4) pathological gambling disorder
    5) intermittent explosive disorder
    6) domestic violence
    7) bipolar disorder (manic depression)
    8) paranoia
    9) schizophrenia
    10) persecution complex
    11) slew of phobias (take ur pick
    12) addictive disorders
  2. Does a long-time winner suffer from psychological disorders too? :D
  3. well the question that arises is whether the disorders are a byproduct of trading or if great trading is attributable to certain personality traits.

    ie F.D.R., hemmingway, axl rose, Kurt cobain all suffered from disorders.

  4. Check out the Anti-Jack Thread.

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  5. Don't forget my favorite, MPD. Comes in very handy.
  6. I think that one qualifies as schizo...

    ...and what about autism... I´ve always wondered if rainman could trade...
  7. Asperger's syndrome often is thought of as high-functioning autism. Lot of guilties here, I suspect. But not ME!
  8. that's right, I read an article on the local news paper yesterday about two kids with asperger's and I though to my self... what would happen if you give this guys a live account...?
  9. One will grow up to be technical, the other an accountant. Math, finance, physical sciences, computer science, all the same personality. So they'd probably clean up.
  10. The most common issue, I feel, is the tendency of traders/gamblers/part-time active investors is to seek out failure whether it be holding too long ("It'll go back up") or chasing ("Look how high it is, it's a buy") or fading everything ("Look how low it is, now it's definitely a buy").
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