Psycholog is Overrated

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  1. I mean.. Everyone is either a little or a lot mad by any definition you use
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    Is psychology more in the area of setting some standards for everybody to live up to or live by than in the area of being happy and healthy nowadays? The book of Job is about a guy that was claiming his own righteousness was what was needed... he became very, very messed up but at the end he realized that all he needed to do was let God step in and supply the righteousness and he was good to go.... I see Christians that should fully understand that digging into the psychology bag for answers!! Psychology might help along the way but it can never supply more than a partial answer...
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    Does not make it overrated

    Does make it sorely misunderstood

    Rhetorical questions….

    Why is it easier to judge…, diagnose…, tear apart…, and/ or find fault with others – quicker, and more vehemently - than we do with our self…

    I also wonder if there is any psychology to be found and exploited in the market … On second thought – no I don’t :)


  4. 3 whacks and a quack

    Put them all in the same room.


    The unlikely encounter took place on 1 July 1959 on Ward D-23 at the State Psychiatric Clinic at Ypsilanti near Detroit (picture), Michigan. The three men, whom the psychologist Milton Rokeach brought together in a small, plainly furnished visiting room at the institute, introduced themselves in turn. The first to do so was a 58-year-old with a bald head and gappy teeth.

    "My name is Joseph Cassel. I’m God."

    Next up was a 70-year-old, whose mumbled introduction was hard to make out.

    "My name is Clyde Benson. I made God."

    Finally, a 38-year-old man with an emaciated body and grave expression stepped forward, but refused to give his real name, Leon Gabor.

    "It states on my birth certificate that I am the reincarnation of Jesus of Nazareth".

    Thus began one of the most bizarre experiments in the history of psychology.

    cont on link..
  5. Rhetorical questions….

    Why is it easier to judge…, diagnose…, tear apart…, and/ or find fault with others – quicker, and more vehemently - than we do with our self…

    Probably why message boards get so messy.

    Next becomes an issue of being grounded with the reality. We don't know what or who to believe because no one personally knows each other and how does what someone else say apply to me?

  6. 'Mad Profits' to be made!

    I've learned a lot over the last week. I stand by my initial claim, 'Psychology' is a lot of pyscho-babble garbage... give me a priest over a shrink 7 days a week
  7. Whoa and double whoa.

    I'm personally not too pius.

    I'd say psychology is about 2/3 of "it". We all see the SAME stream of prices. Some succeed. Fewer succeed consistently. Some fail. Some fail consistently and hence POOF, disappear (only to be replaced by more).

    What separates the men from the boys? Some magic chants?

    Knowing your risk and acting without hesitation. Do these stem from psychology?

    What about indentifying edges?

    What about making a gracious exit (the willingness to let go at profit OR loss)? That's where the money's made or shall we say BOOKED.

    The remaining third? Hmmm. Obviously the tools you choose. Canned indicators yield canned results.

    Seasonality. For example once options are assigned, it's a clean slate. Or the last two days of one month AND the first new month due to institutional inflows. The January effect is probably in November due to institutional fiscal year ends.

    Volatility. Quiet leads to range expansion and vice versa making the ATR pretty good tool.

    What YOU do with your tools is...........................psychological.
  8. I wouldn't exactly brand it as over rated, I think it is more like we don't know exactly how to interpret and apply it.
  9. If "Psychology is Overrated" what is confidence in our banking system?

    Why are words carefully chosen from the fed reserve? Why is it unethical or possibly illegal for an "official" (ie politician, governor, etc) to undermine confidence in our markets? What is margin? What is a bear raid? If we have laws to protect deposits why do we still have bank runs? What is a pump and dump?

    Why did Obama tells us wayyyy back in March of last year "now is a good time to buy stocks?" C in Chief = prognosticator.
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    It depends on what sectors of society you are talking about. If you are referring to Trading, I disagree 1000%. :)
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