Psychoanalysis of the President

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  1. You left out the part about the American Thinker web site being for American non-thinkers.
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    ...not Canadians, like Gabby.
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    OK, great thinker that you probably think you are: Where is the money going to come from to pay for the $ Trillion in unfunded liabilities that the Public Sector owes?
  4. We all probably have our favorite Obama reactions, nothing he does is too far off the charts to be considered abnormal, perhaps something we don't expect but just the same, a product of our times.

    Rather than psychoanalize him, we should psychoanalize the general population and not to be cliche but we got exactly what we deserve.
  5. What does a person with this psychological profile do when stressed?

    Knowing Obama's psychology might make you a few bucks in the market.

    With their vast intelligence resources, I'm sure the Chinese know what they want to do with a President that seems to be "damaged goods".
  6. What's wrong with Obama? The bigger question is, what's wrong with a nation of people that elect and idolize a man like Obama?
    People put more thought in to who should make it to the next round on American Idol than they put in to casting their vote for president. His supporters are able to exchange information at warp speed, yet have lost the ability of basic communication. They claim 500 friends on Facebook, yet cannot develop and maintain an intimate relationship. Their standards of achievment have been set so low, for so long, that merely talking a good game is more than good enough. A nation that became so consumed with making history that they forgot to consider the obvious. Will he be better, or is he just a different face?
    I suppose they can be forgiven as the Republican party could only come up with a old man that has long over stayed his usefulness, and a MILF as an alternative to a book smart guy with a nice smile, who in the end can easily be blamed for the coming disaster. I mean, what'd ya' expect from a nigger will be the chant. We'll see how quiclky they turn as things get worse. Radical lefties are like that. Obama is the fall guy for a world coming apart that was already in the works.