Psycho Cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz

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  1. Dominic


    Hi, have been trading for 8 years fulltime and just finished Psyho Cybernetics which I feel was well worth the read..

    Can anyone other traders recommend any similiar books?

    Have already read Trading in the Zone years ago.

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    I am in the middle of reading this book. Several years ago I read a book called "The Way of the Warrior-Trader: The Financial Risk-Taker's Guide to Samurai Courage, Confidence and Discipline" by Richard McCall.

    There are similarities in these books.

    Only while reading Maltz's book the things I read back then started to make a lot more sense.

    I am curious to use this technique to see if the result of my trading will change. I trade intra day on high frequency, and that requires a lot of concentration. I do miss trades due to loss of focus.

  3. Isn't he in jail right now for having committed some type of financial fraud? :eek:
  4. RedDuke


    I have no clue. I am actually very surprised t hear this.

    Just Googled a bit, and all I can say is Wow.
  5. RedDuke


    He described some amazing stuff that he witnessed in his book. I wonder how much of it is a lie?
  6. Try going to the source for NLP. Richard Bandler.
  7. Maltz wrote his book on '60... when Bandler was 10 yrs old.
  8. After reading the original book, you may like (or not) the revised edition by Matt Furey, 'The New Psycho-Cybernetics' (one of the 'revisions' after the guys that bought the rights from his wife after 1975 death, over the years).

    You may also like this video:
  9. Hardly. Maxwell Maltz and his psycho-cybernetics preceded Bandler. Further, Maltz's work is less riddled with controversy, hype, salesmanship and ~MLM-type "certification" setups. Maltz was a plastic surgeon who stumbled upon an epiphany which he used to help people. NLP gurus strike me as more concerned about helping their own careers.
  10. Right I have both. Bandler just works better for me.
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