Psyched Out - Complain About The Moderator

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by rlb21079, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. In this thread I will address any complaints about my moderating which cannot be PM'd to me. Any complaints placed in other threads will be deleted to preserve the intitial purpose of that thread.

    This is not an archive of grievances, so what remains will remain to serve some future informative purpose. Otherwise posts will be deleted after an issue has been addressed - or, it is deemed unaddressable.

    Personal attacks and utter gibberish will be accepted with glee. Bring 'em on but don't expect 'em to stay long.
  2. Moderators do not have access to account profiles. They can only edit/delete/move 'posts' and 'threads' within their own forum. As far as I know, the only person who does is the big man. It is his site and I think he has every right to do what he wants. If he saw fit to change your font size, then so be it. Think yourself lucky, he could have made it invisible.

    Entropy, if your post was deleted then why not PM the moderator of that forum and ask him why. RLB started this thread for feedback on his moderating, not as a free for all on all moderators. (unless it was him that deleted it :eek: )
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    If you click the name of any forum showing the index of threads within that forum, you can see the moderator's name in the upper right. Here's the link to the Psychology forum:
  4. I am still quite new to ET. However, after reading several posts for complaints from different threads, I feel that there might be a need to have an overall Complaints thread.

    This Complaints thread should be designed to accept all sorts of complaints from all members across all threads.

    All posts (such as deletion request) with complaint nature (particularly opinions aganist personal) must not be posted to the normal threads. :D

    Therefore general readers who want to read only normal posts would not see any complaint (off-topic) posts in order to save time and distractions. :p

    Just a thought. :confused:

    See: Feedback Forum
  5. Just make a website, post any audio or video files via a webhosting company and let the fun begin ... open the can of worms.
  6. There is no way moderators can judge a lot of stuff on here.

    Often it is outside of thier box and/or experience.

    As volunteers they are doing what they wish and it is not possible anymore to expect much.

    One way street that posters find out about after the axe falls.

    It is what sets the level of discourse; their boxes are their boxes.

    The concept of complaining is moot. They cannot get other's viewpoints out of their boxes.

    The scope of ET is self limiting as we all see.
  7. sorry Grob, I've always aimed at keeping things clear and concise

    otherwise, information is lost in a mass of words and taunts, etc.

    if things seem out of my scope I try to give them (and me) time to develop, or I'll maybe move them to another forum
  8. If people would spend as much time and energy doing their homework and research as they do complaining and whining,I'm relatively certain they would become better traders.More information and cooperation amongst our selves,could mean more of us could beat the bank.Maybe alot more of us.Hope most of your trades are green.
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  10. Complain this... complain that...

    Just because you wrote something stupid...

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