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  1. This thread will exist for the sole purpose of making announcements pertaining to the Psychology forum.
    It will be the place to look if a thread has disappeared - so that members may know what has happened to their threads / posts. In the future it may serve other, as yet unknown functions.

  2. Elaine Chao - Ultimate Spinmeister, has been moved to the Chit Chat Forum.
  3. Excessive use of foreign (non-english) language within posts will result in the deletion of that post.
  4. Chris Watts vs. OVERtheLINE has been moved to Chit Chat.
  5. The "Mental Ceilings..." thread is currently being edited. Some posts have been deleted and other will be split into new threads. I have not yet finished this task, but you should be able to see a new thread entitled "Mental Ceilings - Lessons from Jack."
  6. "Drinking as a substitude for Meditation!," has been moved to the Chit Chat forum.
  7. "I'm Taking A Break," has been edited. The latter half discussing Flashboy's past trades was split into a new thread: "Flashboy's Methods - Past Trades" and moved to the journal forum.
  8. The "Listening To Music While Trading" thread has been moved to the Chit Chat forum.
  9. "Can't Paper Trade," has been moved to the Trading Forum.
  10. "Trading is War! RAMOUTAR REPORT vol.6," has been split:

    "Trading is War!... Or is it?," now contains the discussion on whether a war v. trading analogy is relevant.

    "Trading...vol.6," will continue as a discussion on, "scaling techniques as they apply to trading and money management strategy."
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.