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    Not going to say much about this one as its been my gem for a few years...held it since $1 and it hit $10 today.

    It's an incredible company, I expect it to continue rapid growth and deliver good 4Q numbers in the next few months.

    Low OS of about 30M and tons of institutions appear to be sucking up the float which has been minscule for a long long time.

    If you know the company it's not way overvalued like it might appear. Their management is great and the company is really a cash machine.

    They exhibit those bodies shows and are salvor in possession of the Titanic artifacts.

    This is a stock you should honestly look at and would do well to average into as I think it's on the road to $20-30 mark within 2 years.

    Happy investing.
  2. Great...NOW you tell us!!! :D
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    hehe...sorry. I think for anyone who sees this as an amazing long term(1-2 years at least) hold there is so much more room for it to move.

    $20-30 end of next year is by no means out of the is still rolling along and, in my and obviously others' opinion, growing very well.

    They are likely going to monetize the Titanic assets which essentially means sell them to a state, organization, or archival group....pretty much means a cash windfall of $30-80M and the company will keep the right to exhibit the artifacts.

    Bodies is a huge hit.

    They've got 3 more exhibits on the canvas and will decided which to roll out this first and test them in the market.

    Their partner on the first bodies exhibits is almost gone and that'll give the company 30-50% more of the revenue than before.

    They're a slick company and for a long term entertainment industry play I think they've got great growth.

    If the company doesn't hit $25/share my guess would be because they were bought out for less but I think the CEO is looking to turn all of his hard work into one huge payday and that probably means at least $25/share if they're going to sell the company.
  4. Just had to bring this post back up. Longhorns, you should have bought at $10. It's at $15.70 today. :D