Prussian Empire Thaler estimated to be worth 3.6 Trillion dollar,pound,euro,yen, ect.

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    Fernidad Frederick, King of Prussia who sued the United States of
    America for 1 Trillion Dollars is expected to open a currency gilt
    with a financial institution in re-establishing the Prussian Empire Thaler.
    The Prussian Empire Thaler is worth 360/360 Einen Thalers "parts" of 1

    So, when converted the Prussian Empire Thaler is now worth 3.6
    Trillion to every form of currency, such as dollar,pound,euro,yen,

    Please be not concerned about the decimal point. It is tradition to be placed after the first digit says all countries.

    Imperial and Royal Majesty
    Fernidad Frederick, King of Prussia
    Emperor of Germany