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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by mtzianos, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. Baron,

    A few days ago, I copied an article from Hussman ( ), citing the original URL as source (which in my opinion is common courtesy, when copying someone's original content in verbatim) and apparently one of your moderators deleted the URL to the original article!


    Where do you draw the line? It's not like one is sending a URL to a competitor to one of ET's sponsors. Or posting an "info-mercial" (stealth ads).

    Btw, you could also take a look at the kind of feedback received (uninvited_guest and skalpz).

    Obviously, in a community of 30.000 people one can't expect everyone to be bright or try to contribute good stuff, but certain posters (oktiri, uninvited_guest, skalpz come immediately to mind) have nothing to contribute AND are abusive. I don't care much, as I make liberal user of the "ignore" function and both of them were in my i-list long before those posts (if others wouldn't quote them, I wouldn't have noticed).

    I'd much prefer to only use the ET "ignore" function for people who write 3k posts with no "meat". Not for posters who obviously have too much free time in their hands and spend it writing pure noise on ET.

    Suggestion: you could implement the "Subscribe" feature (opposite of Ignore) and if a poster has a ratio less then 1:20 (20 times higher ignores) limit posting privileges (either altogether or to say 5 posts per day).
  2. *YAWN* ...

    Yet another Coinz-bashing thread.

    This guy would love to do away with freedom of speech.

    He also wants to be the only one to say anything.

    Typical psycho.

    mtzianos, do the world some good... hang yourself.
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  4. Lucrum


    I'm not certain but it was probably me.
    At the time, based on some posts made by Magna*, I thought the ET policy on URL's was more stringent than it is.
    If you'll send me a PM with the URL I'll take another look at it and if it's acceptable I'll reinsert it into your post.