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will it go up ?

  1. yes

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  2. no its going to crash and burn !!!! :(

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  3. not my cup of tea

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  1. (PRSS) CafePress Inc.

    i bought some of this on IPO and iv been looking at there website since i own the stock ...

    website :

    and it looks quite interesting they can personalize pretty much anything , iphone cases , tee shirts , mugs ect..

    their revenue growth every year is quite good , the bottom line is not that good at the moment but then again amazons wasn't at the start either... not saying its going to be the next amazon. :)

    their business plan is interesting but a bit confusing when i tried to set up one of their shops...

    what do you guys thing of the future of this stock ?
  2. lwlee


    Site looks kinda cruddy. Looks like something from one of those kits creating "insta"-sites. Their site could be one of those personal storefront inside of Amazon or eBay.

    Seriously, they actually went PUBLIC.

    Thing is down 3 bucks since the IPO yesterday. Not a good start.
  3. your right about the site , it does look very crummy , especial when you take in to account that its been around since 1999 i believe.

    yes went public yesterday

    actually it priced at 19$ shot up on the ipo to a high of about 21.7 and withdrew back to 19$ .

    has held very solid 19$ support all day. it seems that it cant go below 19$ and if so then it only has one direction to go (UP) :)
  4. lwlee


    You do the numbers?

    What's the company valued at? How's the cash flow?
  5. S2007S


    Again every dot com and social networking website is going ipo ahead of facebook to get in the trend, once facebook goes ipo there probably wont be another company like facebook in this area of dot com names for another decade or so. Thats why they are all making their debut now!

    I think cafe press was a great idea its just that today again there are so many copy cats on the market, I have gone to that site not to buy, but to try and sell, its toooo crowded with millions of people trying to sell items, usually the same repetitive item...I think most people know about cafepress now as they have 12 million customers and 15 million members, could it grow more, yes it can, seems to be a saturated market to me.
  6. company value at current share price is some were around 320 m $ more or less

    Cash flows ( pulled from 424b4 statement )

    The following summary of our cash flows for the periods indicated has been derived from our financial statements included elsewhere in this prospectus:

    Year ended December 31,
    (in thousands)

    Net cash provided by operating activities
    2009 $ 10,701
    2010 $ 13,553
    2011 $ 16,924

    Net cash used in investing activities
    2009 $ (6,256 )
    2010 $ (7,932 )
    2011 $ (8,027 )

    Net cash provided by (used in) financing activities
    2009 $ 1
    2010 $ 400
    2011 $ (273 )
  7. lwlee