Proximity Hosting with NASDAQ/NYSE

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by telience, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. telience


    Does anyone know how I would go about renting out cabinet space for something like this?

    Can't seem to find a link with any info or even contact.

    Should I just go through the datafeed people?
  2. Where are you located and what is your goal? Also, what is your budget? NYSE and NASDAQ both have off-site locations so it depends on what you want to trade.
  3. telience


    My goal is to get market information from the exchange and to adjust certain trades when the market moves, and to do all of this very quickly.

    I am looking at equities and options at the moment.

    Do you know who I could contact for more information?
  4. byteme


    Are you interested in high-frequency or just low-latency?

    Can you quantify "very quickly"?

    If co-location at the exchanges isn't an absolute MUST, there are plenty of options for low-latency co-location e.g.

    Search these forums, there's been a bunch of discussions on this topic in the past.

    Also (seems obvious to me) perhaps check out the exchange websites. I'd guess they have some contact info on there somewhere...
  5. telience


    I'm already co-located, I need something quite a bit faster.

    Quickly is relative I guess. Faster than everyone else? :)

    I've tried the sites. I guess I'll just start cold calling.
  6. mews


    Where are you colocated? There are ways to get colocated at the exchanges which would be about as close to the market as you can get for low latency.
  7. telience i sent you a PM.