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Discussion in 'Journals' started by prox, Oct 25, 2002.

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    This is my first day of placing real e-mini trades.. heck, 2 days ago I didn't even know how much a tick move would cost.

    Going to post semi real time trades here throughout the day and will continue through the days if I get the motivation to do so.

    Vaguely my method:
    10 min candles, entry is based solely on price action with little regards for indicators. Signal is an intraday reversal-type method (can't give more details sorry) and works best during trendy type of days. Initial stop will be 0.50 low of entry bar, then a moving stop 0.50 below the latest 2 bar low/high. No premature profit taking, will stay in the trade until I get stopped out.

    Trades 10/25 so far (1 contract at a time):

    1. 10:10 Sell 979.50, 11:00 Buy 977.50
    2. 11:00 Buy 977.00
  2. Whats the point of posting on this site and making a journal if you are not going to share your methods and strategy?

    How is one supposed to help you.. or are we just supposed to chearleader your when you are down.. and envy you when you make $?

  3. prox


    2. 11:00 Buy 977.00, 1:00 Sell 985.00
    3. 1:00 Sell 985.00
  4. John Q Public

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    Can just anyone do this kind of trading?
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    Valid point, I don't know quite how to answer your question without just simply giving away every details of how I do it. Figured if someone wanted to learn, they could just follow where my trades are made and find a repeating pattern on their own. If nothing else, this will serve as a mental log for myself in the future so I can laugh at how dumb I was back then.
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    That's pretty much the point of this thread category. Otherwise, why not use ChitChat?

  7. prox


    3. 1:00 Sell 985.00 1:40 Buy 985.00
    4. 1:40 Buy 984.00
  8. prox


    4. 1:40 Buy 984.00 1:50 Sell 979.5
    5. 1:50 Sell 979.50
  9. You're getting whipsawed in this choppy period. Best to sit on the sidelines until a trend develops
  10. prox


    5. 1:50 Sell 979.50 2:00 Buy 982.50
    #10     Oct 25, 2002