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    With all the scams and ripp offs out there. Is there a proven software that is profitrable in the market. I was looking at the FAP turbo, then did a search and say some of the opinions and reviews on the folks here and on the net and they were very bad. I was just curious if there was anything out there with good review as for as trading software that is automated and works
  2. The only proven software that is profitable in the markets is the software that implements your own profitable strategy.

    If you want to see trading systems for sale and how they perform take a look at Futures Truth

    Always keep in mind "past performance is not indicative of future results".

    Caveat emptor.
  3. Those system ranking services rely on paper trading. The fact is that as soon as most of those top-ranked systems are applied to real trading they stop being profitable because their signal timing is fragile.

    Using a black-box is out of the question. You must develop your own strategy that is compatible with your own requirements and needs. White-boxes are good for that purpose. I use APS Automatic Pattern Search because its signals are derived from price action alone and I it does part of the code for NT. There are a few more white-boxes out there that include TA indicators. If you want to have an edge you must add your own touch to it, something like a unique idea that will differentiate it from the others.
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  5. I actually use the bottom one... called forex system selector (FSS) thru fxcm. It has been quite successful for me but not for teh reasons you may think.

    The greatest feature about the FSS is that it allows you to do the OPPOSITE of what the system signals!

    How many times have you wanted to fade idiot commenters or bad systems or even ET posters? :D :D :D

    While I realize that its a fallacy to think that if you just do the opposite of a bad system you will have a good system; this has seemed to work so far. The beauty is there are multiple crappy systems so you don't have to rely on just one system sucking.

    Also, these systems have been running in a forward testing environment, so at least its not totally curve fit.

    So what I do is I look at the equity curve for say the last 6 months and then cross reference with the price action over that timeframe to get an idea of how they trade.

    I try to find the trend followers in choppy markets and the counter trend systems in trending markets and then do the reverse.

    Not quite the holy grail but its been good to me so far!
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    May I ask? What do you mean "their signal timing is fragile"? Is it that you need to place the order at the exact moment and the exact price? Now this IS a problem in stocks/markets where the liquidity is limited and the price spread big.

    But all those problems are solved at the forex spot market. So those systems should work there flawlessly. Right?
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    Looks like you are spamming and violating the terms of service of this site. Speaks volumes for your "product"...
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    You are best to team up with a trading firm and have their own in-house programmers development your strategy. Think about it no trading firm is going to waste their time with a 3rd party software promising the world. They rather pay $120k and get a real programmer specializing in dma platforms, implementation, back-testing, etc. best of luck
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    market-making and spreading.
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    +1 for FSS. That's an interesting way to trade it. I find that the equity curves sometimes "mirror" market action, so I try to find systems that have "flat-lined" so that I know a move is coming.

    I also like that you can exit trades manually so you can take profits even if a system doesn't.
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