Proud of being America!

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  1. Have everyone figured out: We are the king of the world, everyone else just beg us to print money as much as we can. If we stop they will be even worse, amazing
  2. For next three years, low income can apply credit card from C, then the government will pay the bill, I think it's not bad solution considering how bad the economy is. I am always wondering how fast food chain can make money on those dollar burgers,... it could be paid by government as well.;_ylt=AnlY6v2nuen1jgAj0viurYiyBhIF

    I am thinking government will issue depression credit card (low income, unemployed) with a few hundred dollar line of credit per month with 0% interests for next three years. All banks received government money have to issue the new depression credit card,
  3. Banks who took government money must lend money to the poor, must issue new credit card to help poor! Eventually, government will get their money back... in the end it's the current bank stock holders who pay for the poor.
  4. and I'm proud to be an American,

    where at least I think I'm free

    the commies lend mon-ey for banks

    that lend it back to me

    and i'll gladly stand up next to you

    and defend our slavery

    cause there aint no doubt i owe the man

    (rev wright dubbed in)

    G-d DAMN the USA
  5. What? The same poor who can't pay off their credit cards and mortgage now? They must be lent more money... to not pay that back also?

    "Eventually government will get their money back"... how is that?
  6. Government need to find a legal way to give money to the poor even though they can't pay it back.

    Government will get the money back because it gets the shares that pay div, common share holders will get the div cut to zero.
  7. There you go. NObamanomics.

    But let's be clear. The Government doesn't "have" any money to give. They have to confiscate it from someone who earned it so it can be given to someone who didn't. Is that what you advocate?

    Perhaps you'd be happier living in France.
  8. I find it funny taxpayer's money is then loaned at interest to other tax payers. All through banks of course.

    And all these consumer loans really are retarded. There is a huge difference between loaning $1000 to an entrepreneur who will give you return on equity and to a joe six pack who will go buy a burger with that money. Money loaned to consumers is money thrown down the toilet, sooner or later the party stops as the consumer is maxed out and then the economy goes in deep recession.

    But it's a sweet gig for a bank that can manage risk properly, sooner or later they find themselves with all the money and a collapsed economy, I guess that's their goal or something?