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    Has anyone ever joined or heard of Anything out there similar to it?
  2. why don't you stop creating aliases to shill for this course?
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    I have been asking input.. I haven't said anything good or bad. And no one has gave me input or any other companies to look it. Thus why I am making a post. Just look at my other posts. Now do you have any input?
  4. then why in 12 posts, do you need to ask about them 4 times, on multiple threads?
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    Well, alot of this forum is about doing research. Before I "shill" out $7,000, I want to do some research, and see who else has used this program. Isnt what we are allowed to do on this forum. I also specifically asked if there were other firms just like it. Again, what these forums are for. As far as different threads, I wanted to ask different types of investors. Again, a reason they made these forums. Now unless you can give me $7,000 to "shill" out, then please allow others to give input.
  6. Almost every consonant in the alphabet can be used to rhyme with the word "shill".
    Just another fun-fact.:p
  7. Here - $7,000 virtual money. Now chill out and stop obsessing and shilling about this service

    It is not worth it. There - now look up the other 5,000 "advisories".
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