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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by trader117, Mar 10, 2003.

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    I am currently trying do decide whether I want to trade at Andover or Protrader.

    They both seem to have direct quotes to Nasdaq and NYSE. I have read alot of bad things about Protrader but most of that seems to have been addressed recently.

    Can I get some feedback from traders at both sites? Thanks.
  2. Best to stay away from Protrader. I have the feeling that anyday the doors will be locked for good and anyone who held positions overnight will be screwed big time!

    They are putting all their efforts into the wholesale side (ie. Zone, etc.) and probably will be closing down the retail side even if Instinet doesn't close the whole operation sooner. Instinet it's self is in bad shape and will probably be sold it a sucker can be found.
  3. there are threads on andover, it has apparently been taken over by Sunguard which is a large established company.
  4. There are more than 2 fish in the sea. PM me for another suggestion
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    Stay away from PT--doors are closing faster and faster. They won't exist much longer--went from bad management to worse.
  7. It always amazes me how many new members to ET always want to talk about Andover....Of all the questions about trading or's always a question about Andover.....
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    Your question is more amazing than your reply.
  9. Man do a thorough research.

  10. Listen, I know who you guys are....You and I spoke and you don't even realize it....I know the office you are in and i know you create multiple users and try to space out the time before you use it....why not just pay to advertise like PointDirex or Bright and IB do???? What is the big deal?.
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