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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by dgmodel, Feb 11, 2003.

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    anyone have any experience with either of these??? if so pros cons and anything inbetween please... any and all advice is greatly appreciated...
  2. do a search. there's plenty on it, including the updates that should be out imminently. until they come out with the updates, i wouldn't trade on it, but afterwards, it should be a good to very good platform.
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    do a search for it in this forum???

    more importantly thanks for the heads up...
  4. an elitetrader search. i wrote some stuff on it. the biggest complaint seems to be the 'slowness,' but that should change when they change their datafeed to get it from the exchange itself, which is also where they will get openbook, indications, and imbalances from. i work at ETG and we are switching to it, and am waiting for the updates before doing so.
  5. cheers to you guys for getting things done over there,,,cant wait to see what it will be like without crossed nys quotes the minute a shread of volume or volatility hits the system
  6. i'm optimistic. we'll just have to see.
  7. here is one of my many gripes. gr8trade doesn't have a true tick chart.

    Atleast I can't find it. (am using a 1 min line chart for spoos).

    How the hell can they not have a damn tick chart?

    (Not $tick, but tick for everything else.).

    Also how hard would it be to get charts that overlay so I can watch a stock like C with the $bkx.x (bank index) overlayed or two stocks together...would save me a ton of room since mostly I am trading one stock off another and have to waste a ton of space putting up charts side by side.

  8. I've got a feeling that Protrader will be closing up shop very shortly. With Instinets very bad fourth quarter and their stock price dropping so far, I see them tightening even more. Protrader, who has closed all of it's trading floors is probably the first cut by Instinet and will be the final cut for Protrader.

    I traded on Gr8Trade for almost three years. At first it was great, every little bug was promptly handled, but since Instinet took over, no improvements have been done. It's like they are letting it dye on the vine. I have since moved elsewhere.
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    The Nasdaq trades were instantaneous and reliable, but the NYSE hitting the inside, took forever to fill. Maybe the specialist's fault on the NYSE.

    I thought it was a mostly fast, reliable platform even with Comstock as the data feed.

    With my IP bandwidth as the limiting factor, I would have up to 30 charts on a 3 minute scale, several L2's with Time and Sales, the snp and nas futures, an account window, and a few EYES windows. The charts have various diagnostic and analytical tools already programmed into the tool bar, and one of my favorites was the fibonacci retracement lines. Charts can be set up to link to L2 windows easily. The L2 windows have an easy way to list your stocks of interest for that day and you can scroll through your list easily on the L2. The L2 window always shows your postion, x shares long or short, a really valuable feature.

    One of the nice features was an ability to click on a chart and enter an order from there and also to enter your stoploss the same way. The hotkeys worked just great as you can structure and direct your order with any number of different keystrokes. I especially liked the limit orders plus or minus delta.

    The major disadvantage was the tech support, although responsive, it was always your fault if something went wrong with the software. Didn't happen too often but the attitude stinks.

    As an example, one of the downloaded software versions permitted you to enter illegal short sales on an uptick, resulting in horrendous charge backs.

    As an account holder I felt that I really had to be on top of the situation myself and assume the responsibility if the software don't work like I expected it to.

    I have an account with them but have not traded there for a while.

    All in all, the best I have used so far. I just wished tech support took more responsiblility. I am interested in knowing if there is a better platform out there. I am looking forward to seeing what Tradestation 6 operates like with the new version out soon, with speed keys and chart linking to L2.