Protests spread to US

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Humpy, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Humpy


    The North African experience is spreading

    People are fed up with the unfair US system.

    Protests in Wisconsin and Ohio may well grow into a serious challenge to the old system.

    The old chestnut of "The American Dream" to keep the people quiet won't work as the pressures get greater and greater.

    My advice to the elite is to share out what's available more fairly very soon or face the consequences
  2. You've got that wrong, Bub. Waaayyyy too much has been given and promised to waaaayyyyy too many. Taxes are already too high, and too many people live parasitically on the government tit...

    PS. Government Employee Unions should be illegal.
  3. Humpy


    Well that may be the Republican redneck view shared with Gaddaffi and any other dictators left.

    The North Africans are objecting to being political and economic slaves.

    The US workers are objecting to being economic slaves.

    The US states are not bankrupt at all - just too mean to fund programs for the less well off. I see Chicago is about 40 billion short. Could be they have been over paying themselves for decades. The new Mayor will get $11m + pension perks etc.

    Trying to outlaw collective bargaining is not fair. Not much will get done if the workforce is suppressed.
  4. I think you need to check your facts again.
  5. You're obviously oblivious on this topic. I'd put you on my ignore list, but you're not so obtuse on other topics... (I usually put ETers on ignore when they show MAJOR weakness in thought and strong opinion based upon emotion... the ice under your feet is a little thin.)

    Here's a hint...

    1. Government and government jobs don't produce wealth, they CONSUME wealth... the wealth of private sector workers and entrepreneurs.

    2. That the "Mayor gets outrageous salary and perks" is an outrage in itself. Doesn't mean, "other government workers should get more", but rather ALL government workers should get LESS...much, MUCH less. And if they don't like it, they should quit their prissy government jobs and go into the private sector.

    3. The FIRST STAGE of returning America to financial solvency should be SLASHING GOVERNMENT by 25% across the board.... 25% fewer employees.. those who remain, compensated at 25% less in salary and benefits.

    Yes, I know... the government workers are gonna cry like a baby who has his candy taken away... but it's the reality of the situation.
  6. 377OHMS


    Chicago is going to raise taxes through the roof, on top of the State taxes that have been raised through the roof.

    Can you imagine the composite tax rate people in the city are going to be paying? Unreal.
  7. Bob111


    i was asking myself same thing after i read about these "protests".
    how to hell public servants are even allowed to have unions in first place? they unionized against whom? the people of their own country. how fucked up that is? imo-model should be very simple-public servant should accept lower(way lower) pay than private employee in same field in exchange for early, no worries,no brainer retirement,decent (decent,not outrageous,where everything is covered) benefits and pension,adjusted to CPI. something like 50-60% of his last salary.
    you like it-you take the job,you don't'-fuck off. want more? go to private sector,pay shit load of taxes,pay for you retirement,invest your IRA wisely(or not), pay out of your pockets for medical expenses,SS and all that shit..somebody said-walk like Egyptians..US seems to me walking exact opposite or backwards..while private sector is dying,unemployment is on the rise , public servants are now DEMANDING even more on top what they already have. and today-they do have more than private sector..way more...private sectors employees and unemployed should organize and beat the living crap out of those lazy fucking teachers,who lis lying in our faces,committing fraud,by call themselves sick right on front of us.. protesting btw at our own expense,because their sick days are covered by us too